In the by M&M Stained Glass Studio
This is the latest project from our studio.

This was installed in a kitchen behind an existing transom. The window measures approximately 42" wide and peaks to around 8" high at the center.

The design is by M&M Stained Glass

Images of the glass used in this project.

Pale Amber Med Amber Red Amber Dark Green Violet

The panel was constructed using the lead came method.
The following materials were used for this project.
        Lead came, 1/4” H-flat to frame the panel.
        Lead came, 7/32” H-round for the design.

        Background Glass 
             - Optimum Clear Noogie 
        Colors for the design
             - Spectrum 110.8 Medium Amber Waterglass 
             - Spectrum 125W Dark Green Waterglass
             - Spectrum 451-20W Ruby Red with Amber Waterglass
             - Spectrum 110.2 Pale Amber Waterglass
             - Spectrum 543-2W Violet Waterglass     

         8 - Custom Clear Glass Bevels      

Project start

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