M&M Stained Glass Studio Services
If you are interested in commissioning a stained glass project, click here to visit the web page that explains the process.

Services provided:

Custom designing - providing designs for all types of stained glass. Designs can be provided for other studios, stained glass hobbyists, and for our own customers. Costs of our designing service varies depending on the size and complexity of the design. NOTE: We do not sell designs of the custom windows/panels shown in our online gallery.

Restorations - restoring stained glass products to their original condition.

Sourcing - we can source the hard to find stained glass products.Our extensive background in the business has been valuable to many other artists and hobbyists in helping to source materials.

Products available:

Art Glass Panels - free-hanging panels to be displayed in any window or even on a wall.

Beveled Windows - countless glass bevel designs are available to be incorporated into any window. Custom bevel designing is available.

Leaded Windows - used for almost all exterior windows. These windows are constructed using lead came and are used in areas, such as doors, sidelights and transoms.

Zinc-came Windows - best known from use by Frank Lloyd Wright, he preferred zinc came for the detail acheiveable on the surface of the came. These windows can be used for exterior application.

Tiffany-styled Lamps - most Tiffany designs can be reproduced. Tiffany lamps are made using the copper-foil method of construction. These lamps can contain over 3000 individual pieces of glass.

Prairie-style Lamps - currently very popular along with many other Frank Lloyd Wright products. Reproductions of the famous Oak Park double pedestal lamp are available.

Popular gift items - includes clocks, kaleidoscopes, terrariums, night lights, suncatchers, and holiday items. Almost an endless list can be provided .

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