My Hobbies & Obsessions


Collecting Ultraman toys has been an obsession of mine for some time. I've amassed over 300 figures of ultraman and his family. I collect mostly "hero" dolls made of vinyl. The origin of these dolls range from the 1960's to the present day.

I'm also looking for any collectors who would be willing to sell or trade Japanese vinyls . E- mail me !

I will add more pictures in the future, including my friends huge kaiju collection and, hopefully, a life size Ultraman!

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    Garage Kits & Ray Guns

    I also enjoy building and painting garage kits. Some of my favorite sculptors are Thomas Kuntz, Randy Bowen, Takeya, and Steve Wang. Here is a picture of a bust I sculpted of the creature from the black lagoon.

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    Ray Guns are yet another obsession of mine! I enjoy their Art Deco designs and whimsical shapes.

    Shown is a complete set of Buck Rogers ray guns, including the very rare "copper" colored Liquid Helium Gun. It took 3 years of searching to complete this collection....and that was before Ebay ! The classic Hubley Atomatic Disintegrator Gun is another one of my favorites. I also have a near mint Atom-matic gun and a near mint Pyrotomic Disintegrator gun. For the best web page on ray guns check out Gene Metcalf's This is a excellent site featuring all aspects of collecting and buying ray guns.

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