Lonesome Men & Women


by Michael F. O’Keeffe


The History of the world is dotted with the records of men and women who have made important discoveries.  These people, after they realize the significance of their discovery, always feel compelled to share the vital information with the rest of the world.  First, they tell their kin, or friends and associates, and then they “publish” in the manner best suited to the times.


When they make their announcement, first privately, then publicly, they meet with resistance – always, among family, friends, associates and the public.  Thus, men and women always pay a price for being a discoverer of truth.


People resist “new” information.  Whether it be a significant scientific truth or some philosophical or religious one, truth discoverers always meet with resistance.  The more important the discovery, the greater is the resistance.  Thus, innovators are feared, resented, ostracized, ridiculed, slandered and otherwise maltreated.  (A common form of maltreatment is to be publicly associated with idiots or criminals, or even charged with crimes.)  History repeats itself this way, over and over again. 


A few of the more receptive minds recognize the validity of a new discovery.  Among these, some, even though they recognize, seem incapable of overcoming one of the principal obstacles to Human advancement – Jealousy.  Thus, instead of lending a helpful ear, they succumb, by joining in the ridicule and maltreatment.  These are often among the most enthusiastic detractors. 


Others who recognize the truth ponder it for a while, and then, well aware of the social price to be paid, become proponents.  Thus lonesome men and women propagate other lonesome men and women.  Eventually, after much time has passed, truth prevails, and the discoverers and early proponents (after they are long gone) become honored as heroes. 


You honest men and women! – seekers of truth, beware!  Beware of those who erect statues and name streets and structures in honor of such historical heroes (and are proud to be associated with them) for these are the very ones who, when the next important discovery arrives, will be among Truth’s loudest detractors.


You honest men and women, also be aware: the person who is given a gift, which enables him or her to see beyond where most can see, is required to develop the will power to forgive those who resent and maltreat.  Jesus is our best example.


There is cause for cheer though, for soon the Aquarian Age will commence, and History will no longer repeat itself this way.  Truth discoverers will be honored from the first, and people will no longer feel compelled to associate themselves with them by erecting statues or by naming streets.


An Important Announcement