Plasma Dream - Oct 01, 1999

Hypnogogic Ionized Question:

So, I had this semi-subconscious, barely lucid dream yesterday on October 1st, 1999. The entire components of my self, the actual atomic nuclei, molecules, teensy weensy points of stuff, as well as the core of my sense of awareness, expanded in such a manner that my entirety was transformed into a mist of aerosol suspended in an empty void. Like a well-ordered vapor, where each atom is equidistant from its neighbor, I hung there like a spaced-out fog. (Hmmm...)

This was kind of a cool experience; although, somewhat like death or some other mildly traumatic, significant life transformation, it did have an acute element of strangeness and finality to it. Most pronounced was an immediate eradication of all self-deceit:
When you're a fog there is no room to hide anything, either from yourself or the vast, empty void in which you are suspended. As this was a brief experience, I did not get a chance to observe what would happen next if my well-ordered aerosol, vaporized self completely dissipated into the empty presence of the void. "Probably nothing", was my later thought.

In any event, upon awakening to my usual, solid self, I did begin to wonder how much volume my average-sized, humanoid body would occupy/displace in a fine-gaseous, vaporous state. A large house? A small town? A mountain?
I haven't the slightest idea! Perhaps someone could help me out with this question of vaporized volumes? -- MT

An Answer From the Bard of Plasma:

Air has about 1/800th the mass density of water, and pure water vapor would have 18/29 the mass density of air, ignoring real gas effects (I am NOT talking about "humidity" of air), while the human body has about the mass density of liquid water, all at standard temperature and pressure.

Convert you to water vapor?!...Your volume at stp would be about 1288.89 times as great, but now fire you up from 273.15+37 degrees K to Solar Surface Heat of 6000 K (You might cook!) and neglecting chemical decomposition, a little bit of ionization, while presuming "the ideal gas law" and you might occupy about 25,000 times your current volume...

Keep the temperature down instead, and dilute you as 1% of an air mass, aiming for fog, and you would instead occupy 128,889 x your current volume, which on taking a Cuberoot (24000) = 28.85, while Cuberoot (125000) = 50.
Yes, you would be considerably bigger than a house!
The Swimp:

By Gary G. Ford
Calgary, Alberta 3 October 1999.

Post-retro-tangentially, see also Doorway of Aramu Muru:

"Doorway to the Universe"

An Answer From X Chromosome Sibling, PLTG:

Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999
Ok here's the question...since you had consciousness as fog, wouldn't it stand to reason that should the fog "think" itself disipated it would appear as nothing, but would not the consciousness remain? I mean how can thought be measured, where is it held? In every energy field that the atom has within its electron belt? And if so, doesn't that make all atoms conscious since all atoms have an electron belt, therefore if the energy is conscious, what is NOT? Light therefore is conscious, even the wave of a field. Perhaps Earth just pulls us all in, and we struggle to break the embodiment cycle. Fog might be a great state once you got use to it.

"MT" self, replies:

This was a very weird dream, so weird that I gave it a website!
Pretty nuts, eh?

I like your feedback. The thing about this dream that really got me (even though it was incredibly brief) was that as my "material" expanded, and the glue of my humanoid "MT" psyche grew likewise as nebulous as the fog; and as I could almost barely-detect the sense that my awareness was a centralized network of the individual points hovering in a void, it 'seemed' as if my humanoid identity was only relevant as long as it occured as a humanoid with humanoid concerns. As a slowly dissipating fog, it seemed like an increasing transparency was manifesting so that the presence of the void became more discernable throughout the loss, or lessening, of my ego-self. There was a demarcation point where the "MT" self and the void "presence" were at a passive yet critical stasis. What was left of the self-referring "MT" self was simply an awareness that nothing was hidden, and that the void was absolutely an infinitely empty, indifferent, impersonal field of vacuity.
A couple people have given me a bit of feedback along the lines of, "oh, you were merging with Universal Consciousness, so your mind was connecting to the ALL or the Creator which is everything"... etc. that sort of stuff. All I can say about that, in the context of my death-like dream, is that the absolute "void" is so amazingly dull and uncreative, from the perspective of the humanoid ego, that it is better to not even talk about it, and definitely better to not attribute a lot of grandiose notions to it. HAH! That's why I enjoy your feedback, "X Chromosome Sibling PLTG", 'cuz you never talk bullshit! Thanks!

X Chromosome Sibling, PLTG, replies:

Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999

In regards to that Universal Consciousness Thing...

We continually seem to physically create that which our minds know it could just manifest, if only....

For instance: Mechanical means of transportation...because we just cannot seem to think it and be there. Clothing...because we just cannot seem to connect with our own bodies to tell it to either increase metabolism or slow it down. Work...because we don't know how to use our own energy field (life force) into patterns to create what we need and want. Internet...because we feel disconnected from the whole.

We are a frustrated bunch. Because there is something between the physical and energetic that just will not let us connect. QUESTION???

What is it?

Thought for the day...?

"MT" self, replies:

Good question! Hmmm...?...

...You know, I feel like the dream was an intimation of what my own death awareness will undergo (maybe, perhaps, who knows?), so that when my psyche dissolved into a dissipating fog, becoming transparent, it felt like I chose death, but the sheer arbitrariness of it all was really insignificant in the face of the void, so the basic good health of my body prevented a full evaporation into nothingness. If I were biologically unsound in some major way, it would have tipped the balance into a real death... or so it seemed. Hah! What's funny is that it really isn't important one way or the other.

Anyway, your final question (above) is extremely profound. What indeed is it that prevents us from mentally doing... whatever? Why the limited physicality, and the slow episodic life/tribe advances in technology to mimic that which we can conceive of doing, but cannot??!

X Chromosome Sibling, PLTG, replies:

Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999

...raise your electronic energy to a high enough vibration and your body will follow at death. Resulting fog, total consciousness of your new existance with no loss of the old, the ability to surround and communicate with energy in form, yet not get trapped in it, yet somehow still interact, and embody only if you so desire. Then we break the cycle of forgetfulness and start from where we left off? New body, accumulative awareness and now an ability to use thought energy to manifest.

Possible? If so, a new question arises... how do you raise the electronic energy? And if you can do it during a lifetime, can't you begin to manifest...Hmmm, think that's why India burns their dead hopes of...well maybe that's another physical expression of what we mentally do not do.

An Answer From TI:

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999

... What I was suggesting was that your own "lower" mind, (the part of your mind connected with the physical senses) merged very temporarily with it's own source, which is "located" in the astral region. Mind itself, divorced from the actuating life of the spirit current, is completely inert, it has no life of its own, hence your experience of "nothingness". It was a kind of mental death, your "normal" mind expanding, (as opposed to concentrating), so naturally it was a "dull and boring" experience. The ego is a function of individual mind, it cannot be separated from mind, so it also "died" at the time of merging.

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