The Temple Of Smarm

The following stories are deep and powerful (unlike the author) and are written for those who seek the Grail of truly great friendship. If you enjoy h/c and smarm, read on. If the idea of a man being willing to die for a friend upsets or sickens you, go no further into the Temple.

Explanation of the Rating System

Riptide: Winter's Midnight Roar (with S. Smith)
Smarm Rating: 5/4

Miami Vice: Visions of the Dark Night
Smarm Rating: 6/5

Real Ghostbusters: Cold Rain
Smarm Rating: 4/5

Real Ghostbusters: Down For The Count
Smarm Rating: 4/5

Real Ghostbusters: Ghost In The Machine
Smarm Rating: 4/4

The contents of the two fabled issues of my RGB zine Bustin'.

The Origin, Definition, and Correct Usage of the Term "Smarm" - a historical and philosophical essay by the one who knows where it all started.

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This site and all my smarm are dedicated to my missing heart.

my sweet, beloved Remo

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