Motorcars, Speeders and Railcars

By Wayne Parsons

Big Sky Adventure II

June 10th to 16th 2008

Excursion Coordinator: Bill Taylor

Excursion Coordinators Bill & Jan Taylor, Missoula, MT

Jim Morefield, Lewiston, ID


Gin & Buck Frank, Los Gatos, CA

Chris Weaver, Denver, CO


Diana & Otto Miller, Grants Pass, OR

Keith & Anne Van Atta, Roseburg, OR.  Missing are photos of the car and Anne.  If you have a photo, please send it in.

Rob & Susan Bauer, Lake Oswego, OR

Guy Howard, Junction City, OR.  Keith Van Atta, on right, rode with Guy the day this photo was taken.  Missing is a photo of Kay Howard.


Hal Johnson, Minneapolis, MN

Rick Randall, Minneapolis, MN


Bill & Nancy Andrews, Grants Pass, OR

Chuck & Susan Schouw, Grants Pass, OR


Bob & Janice Douglass

Steve & Sue Taulbee, Lewiston, ID


Doug Gentles, Surrey, BC, Canada

Rudi & Millie Niemi, Alamo, CA


Roz & Tom Phair, Alamo, CA

Ed & Linda Best, Alamo, CA


Pat & Kathy Coleman, Walnut Creek, CA

Wayne & Nancy Parsons, Granada Hills, CA


Mark & Deby Springer, Wichita, KA

Jim & Pat Spicer, Eugene, OR


Justin, Eric, & Dave Myers, Camp Verde, AZ

John Spiro, Peyton, CO.  S2-E with QBA engine.


John Kemmet, Hagerstown, MD

June & Laurens Edwards


Steve & Valerie Healy, Kent, WA

Ben Amodeo, Richland WA


Tom & Sharon Rice ride with Harvey & Anne Reynolds.

Larry & Lynda Vielleux


Kathryn & Tom Norman, Alberton, MT

Central Montana Rail General Manager.

Your Web Reporter / Photographers: Wayne & Nancy Parsons


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