Motorcars, Speeders and Railcars

By Wayne Parsons

Big Sky Adventure II

June 10th to 16th 2008

Excursion Coordinator: Bill Taylor

Friday June 13, 2008 - Dixon to Polson & Dixon to Arlee, Montana

The regular "gas can" train passes our set-on point at Dixon, MT, where the Flathead branch joins the 10th Sub.  The Dixon depot is now used as a maintenance of way warehouse. 

This door jamb has several sets of holes indicating that many different locks have hung here over the years.



The Plum Creek Timber mill near Pablo is the major shipper on this part of MRL.  Our morning turn around point is three miles farther at the new Polson yard.


Returning south we take the east leg of the wye near Dixon, and head toward Missoula.


After some interesting running on high cuts and bridges near MP 7, the line breaks out into the valley with this view of the expanding suburbs of Missoula.


Turn around at MP 3, near Reed, MT north of Missoula.


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