My name is Ray Gallagher and I have lived in and around Bakersfield, California most of my life. I have always been interested in earthquakes, volcanoes and really anything and everything surrounding earth science. The last big quake to hit my area was the 7.5 1952 Kern County earthquake, which I am happy to say it was a few years before my time. My folks were teenagers at that time and they remember it well. Below you will find some pictures of my family, friends, surroundings and me.

Me & Cousin Michael when she was getting her Nursing Degree

My mom with her Sister's Dogs she rescued from the shelter

My Dad

My Cat S.C. (Stray Cat) in my flower bed of garlic & strawberries which needs weeding!

My Cousin Tracy & Boyfriend Mike

My Grandpa... he will be turning "86" years old this year!

My Truck parked on the side of my home

My GMC 4x4 Jimmy

At work.. My incredibility messy desk (taken on a Monday and I swear.. it looks much better by Friday)

My House

My Veggie Garden

My Friend Gail and Her Friend Kevin Sorbo

My Computer and Sail Boating enthusiast friend and neighbor Richard

My Computer

Kern River Dam at Lake Isabella - Kern Canyon Fault runs under it!

Buck Owen's Crystal Palace here in Bakersfield CA

One of the many bridge earthquake retrofit signs around town (wonder if there is something they are not telling us?)

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