Recent Earthquakes in the United States

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Recent Earthquakes Near Real-Time Earthquake Data using Finger

Earthquake Plot Maps

USGS Earthquake Information

Current Quakes with Interactive Maps

California's Office of Emergency Services Latest Warnings and Messages

Record of the day

Southern California Earthquake Center

Northern California Earthquake Center

USGS Pasadena Field Office

Caltech Seismological Laboratory

National Earthquake Information Center

Arkansas Earthquake Center

National Landslide Information Center (NLIC)

USGS News Releases

Hear an actual earthquake! (291KB .WAV)

Tri-Net Earthquake Commentary (Southern California)

Up to the Minute Southern California Earthquake Map

Long Valley Caldera (Current Status)

Earthquakes United Sates (map & list)

Tsunami Information Resource/Warnings

Earthwaves Prediction Forum

Dave's World by Dave Nelson

Tri-Net Waveforms

BePrepared! (Earthquake Prep)

The Earthquake Experience

Terry's Home Page of Earth Shaking Links!

Quicklook Seismograms from the BDSN (Northern California)

Daily Solar Data (SUN SPOTS)

Solar Warning & Alerts

The Electronic Volcano (active volcanoes)

24 Hour Mt. Fuji Cam

Seismo-surfing the InterNet

Red Puma (world quakes)


Public Seismic Network

USGS Weekly Northern California Quake Report

Did you Feel It?

Eastern CA & Nevada SeismicCam

Make Your Own Seismogram

Disaster Info Center

Liftoff's J-Track Spacecraft Tracker (In Real-Time Mir, Shuttle, Hubble, UARS, and COBE)

Liftoff's J-Track Amateur Radio Enthusiast Satellites Tracker (In Real-Time)

Liftoff's J-Track NOAA Weather Satellites Tracker (In Real-Time)

Liftoff's J-Pass Satellites Tracker (In Real-Time - Helps you view most visible satellite passes.)

Deep Tremor along the Cascadia Subduction Zone


Eye on the World See a live picture of cities all over the World


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