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Near Real-Time Quake Events using Finger

California & Nevada (all events for the past 7 days and events under 2.0 are listed)
California & Nevada (large events over 3.0 for the past 7 days)
Southern California
Southern California/ISAIAH Earthquake Review (all events, even mags under 2.0!)
Northern California (USGS)
Northern California (Berkeley)
Northern California (small events/all events)
World Wide
Washington & Oregon
Central US (New Site)
Eastern US
Wyoming & East Colorado
Idaho & East Oregan
Northern Europe

Earthquake Plot Maps

Northern California Color Map (3-day)
Northern California Black & White Map (3-day)
Southern California Color Map (3-day)
Southern California Black & White Map (3-day)
Mojave Desert Color Map (3-day)
San Francisco Bay Area Map (3-day)
Parkfield Map (3-day)
Mammoth Lakes Map (3-day)
Cape Mendocino/Eureka Map (3-day)
Central California/Holister Map (3-day)
Hawaii Map (14-Day)
US Pacific Northwest Map (14-Day)
Alaska Map (14-Day)
Canada & Adjacent US Map (14-Day)
World Map (14-Day)

Emergency Services

CA OES Home Page
CA OES Earthquake Prep Home Page
CA OES Maps (Seismic, Weather & More)
CA OES Weather Page
California Highway Conditions
CA Flood Information
Disaster Reports
Other OES and Disaster Sites
International Emergency Management Services
Voice of America News Releases


Grand Canyon
The Cruise Web Home Page
Currency Conversion, Airports & More
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas


Betty's (my mom's) Eggplant Casserole
Michael's HOT Buffalo Wing Recipe Archive
Hotdog Recipes
Cooking Students
Spam Recipes
Ice Cream Recipes
Spicy Southwestern Recipes
Super Markets Online
Find a Food Festival
Know what kind of Junk You're Eating with Fast Food Facts
Epicurious Food
Edibilia International Cuisine
TV Food Network's Web
Internet Food Channel

Real Audio Sites

Get Real Audio Here
Timecast.. The RealAudio Guide
AudioNet Jukebox
Real Audio Programming Guide
Today's LIVE Events


AT&T Research Voices SAY IT!
The Daily Wave
The Wave Place
The Movie Sounds Page
Catch the Wavs


Stubbed Toe (Tic Tac Toe)
Crossword Puzzle
Get your Biorhythm here (java)


Estimate your College Costs
FAQ Finder
Learn how to do just about Everything
Product ReviewNet
Find the Closest ATM
Do your own Legal Papers
WhoWhere? People Search
How far is it? Distance locator
The Electronic Directory (Find USGS Employees)
USPS Address Quality & Zip Code Directory
USPS Postage Rates
USPS Information Abbreviations
YellowNet Yellow Pages
Area Code Finder
AT&T Toll Free 800 Directory
Webster Dictionary
California Law/Codes
My Reference Desk
iTool... Look up just about ANYTHING!
Xplore... Look up just about ANYTHING here too!
Find out the Dollar Amount (compare world currency)
Ticketmaster Online
The Weather Channel
Loan Calculator
Morse Code Translator
Identify that old Coin

Web Greetings

The PostCard Store
One Stop Postcard Shop (many, many cards to choose from!!)

Just Fun Stuff

Live Spy Cams
Compare your Salary
Find a Movie Nearby
Cultivate your Garden
Convert Kitchen Measurements
Check the Lottery
Avoid Speeding Tickets
Check your Vision
Expecting? Compute your Delivery Date
Speak like a Native... Travlang teaches you how!
The Electronic Newsstand
Whoopie! Full of pages with sights and sounds
Remember that Special Event
Find your Favorite Star's Home
Life Expectancy Calculator
Keep your Bookmarks Tidy with URL-Minder

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