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Slim's Y-Ki-Ki
Hwy. 182 North (Main Street) Opelousas, LA
(318) 942-9980

Slim's Y-Ki-Ki

How to get there:

From I-10, take exit # 103 (A or B as appropriate) onto I-49, heading North.   Evangeline Throughway becomes I-49 after it passes under I-10.   Proceed North on I-49 about 21 miles to the 3rd Opelousas exit, Exit 19B, marked "US 190 West".   The exit ramp will curl around the the right and place you heading West.   Take US 190 West (also marked as W. Landry Street) into downtown Opelousas.   It becomes a one way street heading West.   At about the center of town, just before the town square, is Union Street, a one way street to the right, heading North.   It is marked with a sign showing Hwy. 182 heading to Ville Platte.  Take a right on Union, heading North, and travel about 9-10 blocks. Union deadends into Church Street, right in front of Opelousas Catholic High School.  Make a hard left onto Church Street.   At the first traffic light on Church street, about 1 block over, make a right turn onto Main Street, which is also Hwy. 182.   Less than a mile ahead on Main Street, you'll see Slim's on the left side.  Just past Slim's on the right side is a large grocery store where you can turn around, if you passed it.

Slim's Y-Ki-Ki's Club is a squatty, narrow brown building situated in a small grass plot on a street corner.   Out front is a lighted sign on a post that says "Slim's Y-Ki-Ki" and features some palm trees.   There will also be a lit mobile sign that lists that weekend's bands.

Parking is extremely difficult at Slim's.  You probably will have to park on the shoulder of Hwy. 182.   Parking down the side streets is not advised.  Some people try their luck parking in the grocery store lot across the street.

When leaving Slim's, just take Main Street back to downtown Opelousas instead of trying to find Church Street in the dark.   Main Street becomes one way South just past Church Street.   You'll catch US 190 East at the corner of Main and W. Vine Streets, one block beyond (South) of W. Landry Street.   Note that W. Landry is one way West and W. Vine is one way East, taking you back to I-49.

Also note that the map (below) doesn't show all the ramps correctly at the I-49/US 190 intersection.   Sorry about that.  Still, this map is better than what I could have drawn.

Click here for map of above directions

What to expect:

The definitive rural Zydeco Club: unpolished; spartan; smoky; and dimly lit.

Smooth and springy dance floor with low ceilings.

Large fans in the back of the club try to move some air around.

The small, low-rise band stand is on the left wall and the bar is on the right wall.

Clientele is younger and less refined than some of the urban Zydeco clubs.

Ladies not prepared to dance close and get sweaty should pass this up.

Admission is around $7, may be higher on festival weekends.

Generally open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Music generally gets underway between 9:30 and 10 PM and can last until 2AM.

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