1982 Reproduction side decals

Decals were a significant problem.  Yamaha no longer sells them (Discontinued) so if I want them, they will have to be some form of reproduction.

Fellow Seca owner Steve Smith once again stepped up to the plate and sent color info, and his "Turbo" decal as a template.  I combined that information with a complete pencil rubbing from another bike to insure a fairly accurate size, shape and color.

Getting the information converted to a computer file, for the vinyl cutting equipment was very time consuming, and added up to 3/4 of my total cost for  creating the set.

Unlike the original, which was a single layer silkscreen decal, I opted for the less expensive two-layer vinyl method.   (Note:  My local sign shop now has the Turbo and stripes image on file, and I can get you copies in nearly any color combination you wish.)  The vinyl used is top of the line 3M.

For more information on getting a set of OEM style, click here.



Here are some other paint and stripe variations from around the world!

Various Other Yamaha decals.

We Seca owners have another champion out there creating reproduction decals as well. 

Brian has pushed the bar, and now has some of the more obscure decals found about our bikes available!

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Last Update 15 Apr 2008