Converting turn signals to include running lights


A couple visitors have asked me to expound on this a bit more.

I had a parts bike to do this with, so messing up just meant I had to get it right the second time.  If you are not comfortable with your skills at electricity, soldering and fabrication, perhaps you should consider getting a friend to help you out.  -V

Parts Needed:

Two post insert (CalTerm P/N 08512)

Standard 1034 two element bulb

a couple feet of 20 or 18ga wire

Solder iron

Dremel (grinding tool or small file)

Heat Shrink or Electrical tape

splice connectors

I removed the signals from the bike, and tore them down to remove the socket assembly from the reflector.  (I cut the leads off the old socket center, so I could re-use them. Be sure to note which color was grounding the socket) I them tossed the OEM socket centers.

    This image shows the major components involved

You will notice that a two element bulb has tabs (ears) at different heights, making in imposable to install incorrectly, (or in our OEM socket!) so you must remove a little material from one catch on the socket (see pic).  About 1/8 of an inch I think.

Next, I soldered a 1 to1 1/2 foot piece of wire for a new ground lead.

    This image shows the solder connection, and approximate grinding needed.

Insert the new two post center, and re-solder the original connectors back on (Be sure to use the ground color on the newly soldered ground, so it matches up with the bikes harness.  Solder the second one to one of the two center posts.

Now comes the trial and error part.  rotate the center posts until they line up with the posts on the bulb, reconnect to the bike, and test the turn signals.  You should see the large element flash, not the small one.  (If the small element is lighting, you must rotate the socket insert 180%)

Reassemble the signal, and connect the OEM leads back to the original harness.  For the rear, I hooked the new lead to the taillight (Blue with white stripe)  I don't recall what I found up front, but it was a switched source as well.

         The completed product.

That's it.

You will notice I also painted the inside of my housing with silver, to increase the intensity of the bulbs.