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                                                                            Collaborator: Michael D. Byers   Author: Stanley V. Byers,   © 1995

    All forces that act through a distance are attributed to cosmic radiation pressure and shadowing of these frequencies by matter. The shadowing causes a local unbalanced flow in the normally balanced opposing radiation frequency flows of free space. 
    All matter and EM radiation exist as interference patterns in the Prime background radiation frequencies of space.
    A surface gravity limit of 1.141 gs and a radiation pressure limit of 86.6 meg PSI ( 6.09 meg kgf / cm^2 ) is shown to exist when the radiation flow is totally shielded by our large planets. Data and graphs are presented demonstrating the total gravitational shielding for our large planets. This shielding data demonstrates that mass attraction and general relativity attraction do not exist.
Prof. L Rancourt of Canada has discovered that Laser light above an object partially shields the force of gravity.  
    This radiation and shielding system provides the data which demonstrates the local creation of momentum and energy. 
The inverse square laws of physics are shown to be a natural result of shadowing geometry with distance.
    A model of inertia is given where inertia is a result of unbalanced radiation absorption during acceleration. The unbalance is ascribed to a combination of the Doppler effect and the quantum nature of photons.
    This systems model for the cause of remote forces reveals self-evident experiments to achieve artificial interaction with remote forces. A multitude of combinations of the electrostatic, magnetic and inertial forces may be tried, with the objective of shielding or focusing the radiation to modify the local effects of gravity and inertia upon an object.  
    Our radiation frequency spectrum provides the medium for the existence of our known universe, and the possibility exists that additional universes (Many Mansions) may manifest in other spectra (channels), yet co-existing in the same space with our known universe.            *** 

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Effect of Light on Gravitational Attraction, Prof. Louis Rancourt

Quote: Abstract: It is shown in the first part that when a 30 deg laminar beam of 1.5 W red laser light passes between a freely moving mass on a torsion pendulum and a fixed mass, there is an increase of the attraction between the two masses.
In the second part, when a laminar light beam passes close to a freely moving single mass on a torsion pendulum, the mass will move toward the light beam.     Unquote               ***

  Professor Louis Rancourt has provided a new web site that reports the progress of his continuing experiments on this discovery.    

Force Concepts Framed Prior to 1900   

The following quotes from Michael Faraday's and James Clerk Maxwell's works are presented to compare their views on the medium ("fields of force", "lines of force", or "ether") for the transmission of light (EM) radiation with the concept of the prime radiation medium from this paper. 

Michael Faraday (1791-1867).   Quote  The view I am so bold as to put forth considers, therefore, radiation (EM, light) as a high species of vibration in the lines of force (ether)...  Unquote
It is important to note that Michael Faraday did not characterize his lines of force as electromagnetic radiation. However he does view his lines of force and force fields as the medium whose modulated vibrations are electromagnetic radiation.   

This paper characterizes the first cause for all remote forces (lines of force) as being due to non EM prime radiation and shadowing.  This prime radiation, with shadowing, is the system producing all remote forces, lines of force, and force fields,...and the prime radiation is the medium (aether) for the transmission of all light, heat and the entire EM radiation spectrum.

 James Clerk Maxwell's book "A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism". provides Maxwell's view on the existence of a medium for the propagation of light and remote forces.

Quote: Hence all these theories lead to the conception of a medium in which the propagation takes place, and if we admit this medium is a hypothesis, I think it ought to occupy a prominent place in our investigations, and that we ought to endeavor to construct a mental representation of all the details of its actions, and this has been my constant aim in this treatise.
Unquote   i.e.   Medium >> Prime radiation or aether. 

If the Electromagnetic spectrum is erroneously viewed as the medium (aether) for the transmission of light, EM radiation, and remote forces, then the trap of circular reasoning has produced a boot strap lift system where EM radiation is the medium for the transmission of EM radiation.  If one views EM radiation as the medium for force transmission, then one is required to view a stationary electron as continuously emitting EM radiation energy to account for it's surrounding E force field. It may seem counter intuitive but, the eternal static force fields of electrostatics, gravity, and magnetism do not require the expenditure of energy. They are potential force and potential energy but they are not radiant energy. In this model,...Electromagnetic radiation is the only form of radiation that causes the manifestation of energy on or within remote objects in space.

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This next quote of Michael Faraday's is found in James Clerk Maxwell's book "A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism". Michael Faraday provides the suggestion that the medium for the conveyance of light may very well be the medium providing for the conveyance of remote forces.   

Quote   For my own part, considering the relation of a vacuum to the magnetic force and the general character of magnetic phenomena external to the magnet, I am more inclined to the notion that in the transmission of the force there is such an action, external to the magnet, (rather) than that the effects are merely attraction and repulsion at a distance. Such an action may be a function of the (medium) aether; for it is not at all unlikely that, if there be an aether, it should have other uses than simply the conveyance of (light and heat) radiations. Unquote.            Faraday's Experimental Researches, 3075     

The medium (aether) of this radiation and shadowing model is the Prime non electromagnetic non particulate radiation that pervades all space and matter.
The parentheses ( ), and the bold type, in the above quotes, have been added by this author to aid in clarification and the comparison of the quote with the concept of this paper.

A close study of Faraday's above quotes has not revealed any conflicts between his quoted concepts and the radiation pressure system of remote force of this paper.  History may readily credit Faraday with originating the basic theme of this paper one century before this paper was first published circa 1975. 

 The next quote is from Albert A Michelson's lecture circa 1899.

Quote:  Suppose that an aether strain corresponds to an electric charge, an aether displacement to the electric current, aether vortices to the atoms; if we continue these suppositions, we arrive at what may be one of the grandest generalizations of modern science, namely that all the phenomena of the physical universe are only different manifestations of the various modes of motion of one all-pervading (substance), the aether. The day seems not to distant when the converging lines from many apparently remote regions of thought will meet on some common ground. Then the nature of the atom and the forces called into play in their chemical union, the interactions between these atoms and the non-differentiated aether as manifested in the phenomena of light and electricity , the structure of the molecule, the explanation of cohesion, elasticity and gravitation, all of these will be marshaled into a single compact and consistent body of scientific knowledge. Unquote

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The parentheses highlighting the word (substance) in this above quote has been added by this present author. The aether or medium of yesteryear was generally thought of or referred to as consisting of a material substance. The first medium (aether ?) of this current paper, "Radiant Pressure Model of Remote Force", consists of non-material, non-electromagnetic prime force radiation (frequency spectrum, Pf). The electrostatic force is one demonstration of unbalanced flow within the prime radiation and shadowing system. The electrostatic force radiation, Pe (read as P sub e) is a sub-spectrum within the total Prime force spectrum, Pf, and the following is a readily available example of the E field force.  

When a sheet of paper is seen to move under the influence of a charged comb, we are witnessing one clear and present example of force and motion due to the all-pervading Prime force radiation, Pe, under unbalanced flow conditions. When one acknowledges that this Electrostatic force, and the Inertial and Gravitational force exist throughout the known universe, is it reasonable to doubt the presence of the Prime radiation medium? Acknowledging the existence of this prime radiation does not require "faith",... Nature continuously provides the example of a radiation force field via a comb and a bit of paper, a force field that follows the inverse square law exactly. This is the exact same inverse square law that light and EM radiation and shadowing also exhibit.  A free body in free space would not detect the gravitational or electrostatic radiation forces, due to the fact that they are balanced from all directions. However, if a beam of light or radio waves are directed on the body, the oscillating E force field can be detected, which is a resonance of unbalance in the normally balanced background radiation force.    ***  

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Gravity and Inertia        TOC
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Gravity & Inertia Section
Radiant Model of Remote Forces
Prime Radiant Force System
Radiant Space & Matter
Inverse Square Law
Total Shielding & Weight Loss
DENSARE Graph    Fig. 1
Planet Weight vs Area  Table 1
DENSARE Constant
Surface Gravity Limit
Radiant Press. Limit Exceptions
Surface Grav. / DENSARE Table

Gravity Shielding Section
Total Shielding Path Length
G Radiation Shadowing  Fig. 2
Earth Shadow Data  Table 3
Minimum Quakes at Poles  Fig.
Gravity Anomalies Section
Gravity Anomalies via Eclipse
Topographical Gravity Variations
Mars Gravity Map   Fig. 3
Tidal Action Anomaly
Summary of Evidence

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Radiation vs Energy  Section   
Prime Radiation Spectra vs Energy
Wave Model of Matter
Matter as Radiation
SCM Image: Quantum Coral  Fig.
The Electron
Heat Shells
Electrons vs Heat Shells
Inertia and Magnetism 
Grav. Shielding in the Nucleus
Stepped Mass Loss GRAPH Fig.
Shielding vs Mass Conversion
Inertial Mass Shielding
Magnetism as Radiant Whirlpools

Field Propulsion Section   
Natural Interactions
Artificial Interactions
APPENDIX       A1-A7
Planet Parameters (1) Table 4 A1
Planet Parameters (2) Table 5 A2
Calc. Definitions
Calc: Black Shadow Path Length
Images of Radiation       TOC
Force via Unbalanced Radiation
Images of Radiation Flow
Force via Unbalanced Radiation Flow
E Force Field via Pos and Neg Probes
E Force Fields via Two Like Polarity Probes
E  Field for Van de Graaf  Effect
Sinks and Sources: Static E Radiation
Capacitor E Field Flow Lines

Creation of Momentum     TOC
Force Interactions             TOC
Light Speed vs Relativity    TOC
False Constant Lite Spd     TOC
Double Force Paradox         TOC
Gravitational Constants       TOC

Reviews & Letters, Pro & Con
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Figures and Images
Surface Gravity & Densare FIG. 1
Gravitational Shadowing FIG. 2
Absence of Quakes at Poles Fig. 2B
Mars Gravity Map FIG. 3
Moon Gravity Map
Stepped Mass Loss FIG. 4
Matter from Radiation
Demonstration of Energy
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