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After James and Taylor confronted him, Damon finally admitted the truth about James and his mother. Damon explained to his son that his mother, Mary, died in childbirth so that James could live. In addition, Damon revealed the reasons for his own resentment of James; he felt that James' fantasies about his mother were created to torture Damon. James revealed that those memories of his deceased mother were his way of dealing with the physical and mental abuse he faced at Damon's hand. Realizing that both their pains were from the same source, James and Damon embraced and forgave each other.

When they returned to their hotel, Maggie the innkeeper showed Taylor an American newspaper; Taylor was stunned to see the photo of Ridge and Brooke kissing after the Forrester/AFI fashion show. James again kissed Taylor to comfort her. The next day, they agree to talk about it; Taylor realized how James is feeling and warned her former mentor not to fall in love with her. Taylor flies home, ready to hear Ridge's explanation for the photo, while James remains in Scotland for a while to spend time with his father.

Back in the U.S., Ridge admitted to Brooke that he felt he and Brooke and Bridget and Eric Jr. made a great family. Brooke suspected Ridge was only being nice to her so she'd give the Forresters back their company. However, in a conversation with Thorne, Ridge referred to himself, Brooke and her kids as "a family." Thorne was stunned that Ridge would be giving up on his marriage, and Ridge doesn't know where his marriage stood at the moment.

Upon Taylor's return, she and Ridge confronted each other about the misunderstandings (her sharing a room with James, his kiss with Brooke on the front page of the newspaper). Ridge walked out on her when she asks about the kiss, but Stephanie urged her son to clear up the misunderstandings in his marriage. Taylor told her father about Ridge walking out, and Jack apologizes, since he knows he is the one who spilled the beans about James being with her. Taylor forgave her father. James contacted Taylor and Ridge answers the phone; Ridge tells Dr. Warwick to stay away from his wife and to find a new therapist - James refused. Upon his return, James balked at Ridge's idea that he find a new therapist. Taylor told Brooke that Ridge's attention was only a means to getting Forrester back in his family's hands, but Ridge assured Brooke that wasn't the case.

Ultimately, Taylor and Ridge agreed to everything behind them. However, Taylor continued to see James as a patient. A problem arose when James told Taylor she should think of him as a man, and not as her mentor. Taylor then sadly ended their relationship as doctor/patient to keep it from going too far. James was not alone for long, though; after meeting Brooke and realizing that she was the woman who had Taylor so concerned about her marriage, Dr. Warwick was intrigued. They began dating.

Sheila had her marriage back on track, thanks to Scott's dying wish that Lauren give Sheila a second chance. It didn't last long; Sheila received a call from her mother in Michigan asking her daughter to take care of her. Sheila told her mother she wouldn't come. However, when Eric started wondering about Sheila's reasons for not wanting to help her mother, Sheila agreed to leave town for a while to stay with Molly.

Anthony recruited Karen in his quest to win Macy. Macy, however, resisted Anthony's advances, including a time where she sang to him "You're Never Gonna Get It" at the Bikini Bar. Anthony remained undeterred, and almost everyone at Spectra was behind him. Sally and Darla both noticed and encouraged the chemistry between their newest designer and Macy, especially after everything that had happened with Thorne.

The only one who was not quite happy was Keith, who still had a thing for Macy. He continued to write poems, but it seemed like he couldn't compete with Anthony; Anthony even, at Darla's suggestion, asked Keith for advice about Macy. Keith thought he had an opportunity to gain the advantage when Anthony came up with a design for bathing suits made out of a fabric that became invisible when wet. Anthony had Saul and Keith make suits from the fabric, and got Connor to invite Macy and Karen into the hot tub while wearing the suits. Keith gave the transparent garments to Anthony and Connor, instead. Anthony was not happy - but this little joke wasn't really an obstacle for him.

The international division of Forrester was ready to be set up. Brooke told Ridge that if he went with her, she'd return controlling interest of Forrester back to the family. Ridge agreed. He tried to break the news to Taylor, but she could not believe that Ridge would go for it. She walked out on him during a barbecue, wearing only a bikini, after a fight about Brooke's offer. She ran into James (who had just left the Bikini after a date with Brooke), who tried to reassure her that it would all pass. He took her to his apartment where Ridge tracked them down, and Ridge punched out James for moving in on his wife.

Connor resumed his romantic relationship with Karen, but before they had sex, Karen insisted that Connor take an AIDS test. Connor reported to Karen that he tested negative for HIV, but Karen gently told Connor that she wasn't ready to make love. Connor decided for her that she was ready and seduced her - and he used a potent drink to make sure she was loosened up enough for him. Connor made love to Karen that night, and didn't use protection - a fact that he confided to Macy the next day. Macy told Karen. Karen, however, informed Macy that she had used her diaphragm as an added precaution against pregnancy. But she didn't want to let Connor off the hook so easily.

Meanwhile, Sally found herself falling for Anthony and asked him to move in with her. Anthony accepted after Sally told him how often Macy visited - however, he was oblivious to the fact that Sally had feelings for him. A wrinkle developed when Macy began to give in to her feelings for Anthony. Darla saw what was happening and tried to get Sally to slow down, but Sally felt that she knew what she was doing. Darla then met with Thorne and told him to go after Macy or risk losing her.

Karen began her plan to get back at Connor; she began by giving him a potent drink of her own at a bar, which sent the attorney running for the bathroom. Shortly after, during a double date with Macy and Anthony, Karen pretended to have cravings for unique food combinations. A nervous Connor suspected that Karen was pregnant. Back at her apartment Karen teased him that he looks like he is thinking of bailing on their relationship; Connor assured her that he wasn't. The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Thorne, who came looking for Macy (who was out on Karen's terrace). Thorne pleads with Macy to give him another chance and can't believe that she would consider a future with Anthony. Saying that a relationship with Anthony meant their marriage was over, Thorne left.

While planning her trip to Paris with Ridge, Brooke got a visit from James. She noticed the bruise from Ridge's punch and couldn't believe that Ridge would do that to him. She then showed off the outfits she had planned for the trip and playfully flirts with him. James invites her out to dinner. Eric tries to convince Ridge that there has to be another way to handle Brooke's offer and suggests sending Thorne. Ridge tells his father no - if they are to get the company back, it has to be Ridge who goes, no matter what the consequences for his marriage will be. Brooke continues with her plans, figuring that this may be her last chance to get Ridge.

Connor apologized to Karen for plying her with alcohol so she'd be more receptive to having sex. Determined to teach Connor a lesson, Karen told him that she was expecting.

Thorne makes a last ditch effort to save his marriage and tells Macy that he loves her with all his heart. Macy tells him that it isn't that simple. When Thorne asks her what the problem is, he asks her if she has stopped loving him. She fails to answer and Thorne takes her silence as a no. Meanwhile, Sally plans an elaborate dinner for Anthony. The two of them are alone (since Macy is with Thorne) and Sally does her best to entice her designer. Noticing that she is wearing an Armando design, Anthony commented that she should be wearing something more youthful, and that she is his inspiration.

Thinking that his marriage was over, Thorne left the divorce papers for Macy and decided to move on - and he had the perfect way to do that. Just as Ridge was about to board the plane to Paris, Thorne arrived and announced that he'd be taking his place so that Ridge could save his marriage. Believing that the trip was the only way to get the company back, Ridge refused. A determined Thorne punched Ridge, took his ticket and boarded the plane. Brooke was furious when Thorne bearded the plane instead of Ridge. Assuming that Ridge was on his way to Paris with Brooke, a grieving Taylor took to the road. James accompanied her, determined to make sure that she didn't do something that she would regret, and he told her he wouldn't let her fall apart. Taylor thanked her friend for his help and decided that they should stop for coffee. Since they were on Highway 18, which was near the Forrester cabin at Big Bear, Taylor decided they should stop there.

Macy received Thorne's divorce papers along with a note that he was going to Paris. Realizing that her marriage was over, Macy wondered what she should do, and Karen reminded her that Anthony was there for her. During a dinner conversation, Anthony and Sally discussed Macy's decision to move on, and Anthony was happy to hear that Macy was a free woman. He asked Sally not to mention that they had shared a kiss, but Sally had already told Macy. Believing that Sally was involved with Anthony, a loyal Macy resisted his advances, even as he reminded her that this was their big chance. In the meantime, Anthony began to play surrogate dad to Sally's son, C.J., which pleased Sally immensely.

Ridge returned to the mansion after Thorne punched him out, looking for Taylor. Stephanie was off course thrilled that her son had stayed in L.A. and delighted at the thought of the look on Brooke's face when she saw Thorne. As Stephanie tries to find Taylor, they experience a massive earthquake. At the same time, James and Taylor arrive at the cabin; she is lamenting about her failed marriage and James tries to comfort her, but she thinks they should stay apart after the kiss they shared in Scotland. The pair then experienced the earthquake (which, according to the news reports, was centered in Big Bear). The quake left the cabin in ruins, without running water or electricity, and James' leg was badly injured. He and Taylor began to freeze because of the winter weather, since they had no protection from the cold. Thinking that they may not make it out of there, the two of them discuss the possibility of death as they try to survive. An aftershock hit, and their fears about death became heightened. James then expressed to Taylor his desire not to die a virgin. Out of compassion and fondness, Taylor allowed herself to make love to James.

Ridge called the police in a feverish attempt to find his wife. He suggested checking the cabin, even though the police felt it was not likely. Shortly after, Ridge arrived with a rescue squad at the cabin. Taylor and James decide to keep their lovemaking a secret. Ridge insisted that James recuperate at the Forrester mansion. Stephanie thought that was unwise and worried about Taylor's closeness to James, but Ridge assured her that his wife would not be unfaithful. Meanwhile, Brooke returned from Paris after Bridget and Eric Jr. became ill. She went to see Ridge and was surprised to find James there. After seeing James, Brooke sensed that he and Taylor had been physically intimate. James denied it, but Brooke still had that feeling, along with the hope that proving intimacy between Taylor and James would mean the end of Taylor's marriage to Ridge. Taylor worried about Brooke's return, but Ridge assured her that she was his number one priority.

During Sheila's absence, Eric grew close to Stephanie. Jack was jealous that Stephanie was spending time with her ex-husband. After Molly recovered from her illness, Sheila returned home and pumped Mike for a status report on Eric and Stephanie. Sheila worried about dealing with Stephanie because of the years of history she shared with Eric.

Sally arranged a surprise birthday party for Anthony. Meanwhile, Anthony convinced Macy that he and Sally were just pals. They made love, and Anthony missed the birthday party. Later, Anthony's heart broke when he realized that C.J. wanted him to be his dad. Macy asked Anthony to tell Sally that they were dating and Anthony agreed that he would when the time was right. She became nervous as time passed and Anthony still hadn't told Sally; she feared that the whole thing might explode in their faces if they didn't bite the bullet and tell Sally.

James and Brooke began dating again. At the same time, Taylor was invited to attend a medical conference in Egypt. She broke the news to Ridge (who was hoping that she had other news in mind - like being pregnant), and Ridge gave his wife a personally designed outfit to wear on her trip. Before she left, Taylor wrote a letter to Ridge, telling him about what had happened with James up at Big Bear. Maria found the letter and showed it to Stephanie, who was being visited by Jack at the time. Stephanie wanted to give the letter to Ridge, but Jack tried to convince her that it could destroy Ridge and Taylor's marriage. Despite her first inclination to deliver the letter, Jack convinced Stephanie that the letter should remain hidden. In the meantime, James assured Ridge of the strength of his marriage and convinced him he was not a threat.

Soon after Taylor had departed for Egypt, Brooke and James heard a tragic radio news bulletin: Taylor's plane had crashed on the runway in Cairo and there were no survivors. Ridge couldn't believe that he was again a widower. Taylor's charred outfit was sent to Ridge; recognizing the outfit that he himself had designed for her, he forced to accept that his wife was dead.

Karen spotted airline information in Connor's belongings and feared he was going to skip town. Instead, Connor arranged a surprise wedding ceremony and invited Sally, Saul, Darla, Keith, and Kevin to his home. Karen and Macy showed up and didn't understand what was going on - until the minister arrived. Connor confided in Anthony that he was only marrying Karen because of her pregnancy. Karen and Connor exchanged vows, but their union wasn't legal, since they hadn't signed the marriage license. Karen confessed that she wasn't really pregnant and that she wanted to teach Connor a lesson. Connor responded that he needed time to think before he'd sign the certificate.

While he was deciding, Connor took Darla out on a date, and he suggested to Darla that it was over between him and Karen. When Karen came into the office, Darla told her how sorry she was that Karen would have to find someone else, which surprised Karen. She asked Darla what made her think that it was over between her and Connor and was furious that Connor had told Darla that.

Brooke continued to see James, who asked Connor for advice in dealing with the specter of Ridge in their lives. Connor said that Ridge was the big problem with his own failed relationship with Brooke, but James remained undeterred. Following this conversation, he went out and bought an engagement ring.

Thorne returned for Taylor's funeral. He and Macy met and agreed to remain friends. In addition, Thorne tried to help his brother adjust to life without Taylor. Ridge had been to visit Brooke several times in the wake of Taylor's death. He claimed that he was there to see Bridget, but Thorne suggested that there was more to it than that. When Ridge pointed out that Brooke was involved with James, Thorne felt that Brooke would leave James for Ridge in a minute and told his brother not to wait. At the same time, Sheila tried to point out that Ridge was the man for Brooke, and not James. Brooke stood by her belief that she was in love with James.

Ridge, James, Stephanie, and Jack lauded Taylor at her funeral. James proposed marriage and Brooke accepted. Stephanie, of course, was thrilled, since that meant Brooke would not be pursuing Ridge. Karen, however, questioned Brooke's feelings for James and wondered if they could possibly compare to her feelings for Ridge.

Bill Spencer signed his stock in Spectra over to Karen as a gift. Then Karen received a call from Bonnie Roberts. Sensing her life was at a crossroads, Karen decided to sign her stock in Spectra over to Sally (which stunned Bill) and return to Starlight, Texas. Connor visited Karen on her last day in Los Angeles and they parted as friends. He also took Darla out on a few dates, but nothing happened between them.

Macy suggested that Anthony move out of Sally's, under the pretext that he needed to help his pal Connor. However, Anthony returned to the Spectra household when C.J. took ill. In the meantime, Anthony continued work on the Grand Diva Collection, designed for larger sized women and inspired by Sally. Sally was ready to profess her love to Anthony and to ask him to marry her; however, before she could pop the question, she overheard Macy and Anthony profess their love. Sally was crushed to hear them discuss telling her the truth, and how they would finally have their night together. Sally fired Macy from Spectra, despite Macy's insistence that she never meant to hurt her mom. Sally stoically suggested Anthony move out so he could lend moral support to Connor.

Stephanie was stunned to find a visitor on her doorstep - Jessica, the daughter of Eric's brother John and his wife. John and his wife were off in Canada in their RV and (according to Jessica) were supposed to call Eric and Stephanie about Jessica staying in L.A., but for some reason never got in touch with them. Unwilling to send the 16-year old girl back to Davenport, IA to live by herself, Eric said she could stay with him. Stephanie felt that the mansion might be better and offered to take Jessica in.

College student Dylan Shaw interviewed with Eric and Ridge for a summer internship. They hired the bright, ambitious young man, who they felt might have a future at Forrester if he played his cards right. However, Dylan quickly learned about a rule at the fashion house: No dating the models. But Forrester model Ivana had her eye on the young intern and he just couldn't resist; when she invited Dylan out to the beach, he accepted.

Ridge and Thorne took Jessica to the Bikini Bar, where she struck up a friendship with Sly. However, the man she really had eyes for was Dylan, who she met at Forrester Creations. Ivana made fun of Dylan for kissing up to the boss' niece, but Dylan felt Jessica was a good kid and a good friend.

With Brooke again unavailable, Ridge again tried to move on; he started seeing Rhonda, a waitress at the Bikini Bar, and the two became friends. When Ridge questioned Brooke's marriage to James and how it would affect the kids, Brooke told him that Eric Jr. was thrilled about getting James as a stepfather and ran right up to James when he found out. Ridge discovered that Brooke was lying, and he insisted that he remain part of the kids' lives.

Eric was turned off by Sheila's resentment of Stephanie. As the tensions mounted in their marriage, Eric informed Sheila that they wouldn't be making love again as long as Sheila continued these hostilities.

Since Sheila worked so closely with Brooke, James became concerned about her. Stephanie suggested to James that Sheila had a mysterious connection to Lauren Fenmore in Genoa City. Sheila confided in Mike about her life in Genoa City and that only three people - Lauren, Molly, and Brad Carlton - knew that she had survived the fire. Sheila then realized that her former therapist, Jay Garvin, knew, too. James tried to get information about Sheila from Jay - Jay was reluctant to divulge anything, but he did agree that James should be concerned about his fiancee working so closely with Sheila. Jay refuses to tell any more and goes out on his balcony, where he is standing when Sheila arrives. Sheila argued with Jay about keeping her secrets. Jay agreed to keep quiet if Sheila would come under his care again, and he mentioned Lauren's name and Genoa City. Sheila got agitated and argued with the psychiatrist. Jay grabbed Sheila's arm and she instinctively pushed him away. Jay tumbled off his balcony and fell to his death. Sheila escaped, unseen, with her medical file.

Lt. Burke questioned James about Jay's death, but no charges were filed against him. Sheila told Mike what happened and bought his silence with a kiss. When questioned, Sheila told Lt. Burke that she had no idea who would want Jay dead. James suspected that Sheila was involved, but he failed to convince Brooke of this, especially with Sheila insisting she was innocent. Desperate to keep her marriage alive, Sheila offered to let Eric go if that's what he truly wanted. Eric was touched by Sheila's offer.

Brooke and Ridge were drawn together after a stray bullet hit Bridget during a drive-by shooting at the playground. Dr. Santana, the doctor on duty, warned them that the longer Bridget remained unconscious, the greater the danger. James arrived to help comfort Brooke, but he felt like a third wheel as she and Ridge went to the chapel together. They prayed for their daughter to pull through and were rewarded when Dr. Santana told then that Bridget would recover.

Sly was jealous of Jessica's attention towards Dylan. When he and Jessica spotted Dylan and Ivana kissing, he visited Eric and snitched, knowing Eric would act because of the "No Models Rule". Dylan was taken to task by Eric. Ivana believed Jessica had been the tattletale, but Jessica told Dylan she hadn't and then filled him in on how Ivana accused her of it. Jessica began to fantasize about Dylan, so she was crushed seeing him with Ivana.

Anthony continued to work on the Grand Diva line and discouraged Macy from visiting Spectra because of Sally. In an effort to keep Macy at arm's length for Sally's sake, Anthony started seeing Darla, and shared some kisses with her.

Macy sang for Anthony at the Bikini Bar. A record producer named Don Navarone, who worked for a company called Decadent Records, liked what he heard and suggested she pursue a singing career. Since Anthony was keeping her away, Macy focused her attention on her musical talents and invested in a demo tape to promote her singing. Macy and Anthony continued to fight, so he gave up on their troubled relationship. Darla offered to be there for Anthony, but he really wanted Macy.

Ridge tried to make Brooke jealous by using Rhonda, who realized Ridge really loved Brooke. Ridge accused James of marrying Brooke on the rebound, since he had loved Taylor. James made plans to go to Santa Barbara to marry Brooke. Rhonda told Ridge that he should stop them if he truly loved Brooke. Ridge burst into Brooke's hotel suite on the eve of her wedding and told her not to marry James. Ridge stunned Brooke by proposing marriage. James warned that Ridge would only hurt her, leaving Brooke confused as to who she really wanted.

Dylan and Ivana (who pretended to be Jessica's friend) threw Jess a party for her seventeenth birthday. The Forresters let Dylan accompany Jessica to her party. At the party, Jessica cried after hearing Dylan say that Eric had asked him to keep an eye on her. Jess gave in to peer pressure and consumed several gelatin cubes that contained vodka. Sly whisked a tipsy Jessica off to Ivana's bedroom. Dylan pulled Sly away from Jess before he could "seduce" her. Dylan brought Jessica home from the party and gave her a birthday kiss.

James continued to convince Brooke to marry him while Ridge redoubled his efforts to win her over. Stephanie tried to convince Ridge that Brooke could not bring him the happiness he found with Caroline and Taylor, but Ridge remained adamant. Stephanie and James tried to think of a way to convince Brooke it would be a mistake to marry Ridge, but Brooke ultimately accepted the proposal. Brooke went to Paris to share the good news with her family.

At the same time, Prince Omar of Morocco supervised a medical team to watch over a beautiful woman who had been found injured, lying in beggar's clothing in the marketplace. The woman was Taylor, and it looked like it might be necessary to cut her life support. Before the plug could be pulled, the beauty awoke, but she had amnesia. Putting his investigators to work, Omar determined that she had been attacked at the airport. Taylor's attacker must have switched clothing with her and then occupied Taylor's seat on the plane. Omar realized that Taylor's family must have assumed Taylor died in the crash, but he ordered his investigator, Moustafa, to find out who she was. Omar, who had lost the love of his princess in a tale of tragedy, began to fall in love with Taylor and treated her like a princess. Omar chose to call Taylor "Laila." Meanwhile, James was surprised to receive in the mail Taylor's lecture notes, which she had undoubtedly carried with her on the plane - he wondered how they could have survived the crash, and he shared his concerns with Connor. He later learned that the package had come from Morocco (from the postmark), but still was at a loss to explain how it had gotten there.

Anthony and Macy made up, but they agreed to take things slow, as Macy began her musical career with a band called Rapture. She performed at the Bikini in the hopes of attracting attention to her new career. Unfortunately, Macy remained on the outs with her mother. Thorne, who was travelling between the U.S. and Europe for Euro-Forrester, came to see his ex-wife and was intrigued by her new career choice. After the performance, Don arrived with feedback for Macy; he explained to a surprised Macy that the record producers were only interested in her if she and Thorne agreed to perform as a duet. Thorne tried singing a love song with Macy but stopped halfway through the ballad and said that the feelings just weren't there. Macy was glad when Sally asked for a mother-daughter reconciliation. After some encouragement from Ridge, Thorne agreed to give singing another chance and signed a record deal with Macy.

Sheila got Mike to steal a copy of Eric's will. Sheila ran the document by Connor, who told her that her financial future would be more secure if she had Eric's baby. Sheila used her wiles to get Eric to make love to her, but she didn't become pregnant. Unbeknownst to Sheila, Eric had had a vasectomy - he Stephanie allowed him to recuperate at her house, while Eric had told Sheila he was on a business trip. Eric's being among the missing caused Sheila to suspect that Eric was having an affair. Eric returned home, ready to tell Sheila about his vasectomy, but he found workman building a nursery for a baby. Eric now had a dilemma, since he had ended his ability to have the baby that Sheila obviously wanted.

After Jessica's birthday, Stephanie explained that her parents had asked her and Eric to become Jessie's legal guardians. Eric's asked Dylan to spend time with Jessica, and he took her to Universal Studios for a day of fun. They continued to see each other, much to the chagrin of Ivana and Sly. On a romantic walk after a date at the Bikini, Dylan gave Jessica a necklace as a gift; she thanked him with a kiss. Jessica and Dylan were falling in love - and one night, after a party, they decided the time was right for them to make love.

Stephanie spied some flowers that Dylan anonymously sent to Jessica and wondered who they were from. Not wanting to jeopardize Dylan's position at Forrester, Jess kept quiet. Stephanie grounded Jessica as a result. Jess informed Dylan that they needed to lay low. One night, she tried to sneak out, but was caught by Stephanie - Jessica admitted that Dylan was her boyfriend. Stephanie was actually pleased - until she found some condoms in Jessica's dresser. Aware that her niece was having sex with Dylan, she raced over to Dylan's dorm room and found Jessica and Dylan together.

Omar's assistant, Moustafa, discovered that Laila's real identity was Dr. Taylor Hayes and told Omar, who, fearing he might lose her, kept the news from Taylor. Omar forbid Moustafa from telling Taylor the truth and had him imprisoned for a short time to make sure his point was clear. Omar also proposed marriage to Laila. Laila was unsure how to handle it, and sought the advice of the handmaiden, Yasmeen, and Omar's aide, Ahmet. After Ahmet tells her that it is possible her memory could return some day, Laila makes a decision to accept the proposal.

The Logan family arrived in Los Angeles for Ridge and Brooke's wedding. Storm expressed his misgivings about the wedding, because of how Ridge had treated Brooke in the past, but Ridge ultimately won him over. He asked Storm to be his best man, while Kristen (who had returned for the wedding) was asked to be Brooke's matron of honor.

Sheila tried to get pregnant - and when it wasn't happening with her husband, she decided to make sure things went her way. She came on to Connor, who did in fact make love to her. Connor and Sheila kissed in public, where they were spotted by James. Sheila told Mike that she was confident that she would be pregnant soon.

Stephanie found Dylan and Jessica in Dylan's room - they tried to convince Stephanie that there was no reason to let things get out of hand, but Steph was not going to be deterred. Consulting with the police, she had Dylan arrested for statutory rape, since Jess was only seventeen years old and Dylan was twenty when they had sex. Eric fired Dylan, who spent the night in jail, unable to post a $25,000 bond. The next day, Ivana arrived to bail him out. Jessica sought advice from Ridge and Kristen on how to handle things - ultimately, the decision rested with Stephanie and Eric, she discovered. Jessica pled with Eric to have the charges against Dylan dropped. Eric rehired Dylan and agreed to let him escort Jessica to Ridge and Brooke's wedding, but told him he'd better stay away from Jessica.

Laila came upon the file that Moustafa had put together on Taylor, which included news of Ridge and Brooke's upcoming wedding, and she began to regain her memory. She pled with Omar to let her go to Ridge, and he even considered it; however, the Prince chose not to allow Taylor to go. Taylor tried calling Ridge to stop the wedding, but Omar cut the phone lines just as Ridge picked up the phone. Not knowing that Taylor was alive, Ridge married Brooke on the beach in Malibu. Unknown to them, Moustafa was watching the entire time from afar. Thorne's date for the wedding was Ivana, and a picture of them together appeared in the newspaper.

Ridge and Brooke sailed to the Canary Islands on their honeymoon. Omar instructed Moustafa to continue observing them, and told Moustafa to lure them to his palace. Together with an aide, Imane, Moustafa arranged to be the captain of a boat that ferried Brooke and Ridge around. While on board, Brooke and Ridge received a gift - a chest with a Pegasus, and an invitation to the palace. Brooke and Ridge were intrigued by the offer, but Ridge declined. Under orders from Omar to get Ridge and Brooke to the palace at all costs, Moustafa took the boat forward in a violent storm, and they were forced to land in Morocco. Omar invited them to be his guests - and since they were there, and Brooke was intrigued, she suggested to Ridge they accept. Omar had an ulterior motive, though - he forced Taylor to observe Ridge and Brooke from behind a one-way soundproof wall, so she could see how happy they were together.

After seeing the picture of Thorne and Ivana in the paper, the gang at Spectra - including Anthony - wondered what this meant for Thorne and Macy's partnership. Anthony called Ivana and suggested they work together towards keeping Macy and Thorne apart. Meanwhile, Don used a romance there to promote Thorne and Macy's act, including lots of photos of them together. He also booked them to perform at a concert in Rotterdam, Holland. Anthony and Ivana grew more concerned about Thorne and Macy staying in such a romantic setting.

Mike couldn't believe it when he discovered that Sheila was sleeping with Connor Davis - he thought that he was a better choice, but Sheila was set on her plan with Connor. Sheila visited James (in part to rub it in about his losing Brooke to Ridge), and he mentioned seeing her kiss Connor; Sheila was hopeful from the fact that Connor had told James he loved Sheila. However, a glitch developed when Connor couldn't continue and backed out of the deal. Meanwhile, Eric met with James about his marriage, and James felt he was on the rebound from Brooke when he married Sheila. He returned home and told Sheila that he would only stay in the marriage of she went into therapy with James. To counter what she felt was blackmail, Sheila lied to Eric that she was pregnant, but Eric replied that the baby couldn't be his, since he'd had a vasectomy. He accused Sheila of having an affair, but she said he could never prove it. Connor pointed out to Sheila that Eric's having a vasectomy without telling her might get her a hefty divorce settlement, leading Sheila to prepare a list of demands. As he prepares to move out, she tells him that she wants him to give their marriage thirty days.

Dylan resigned from Forrester, telling Eric that his love for Jessica was more important than his job. Sally learned of Dylan's troubles over at Forrester from Darla; when she overheard Dylan and Jessica discussing their dilemma their problems Sally offered her help. Sally offered Dylan a job, and tried to convince Jessica that Dylan accepting the offer would be in their best interests. Dylan accepted Sally's offer. Meanwhile, District Attorney Teresa Emerson met with the Forresters to discuss Jessica's case. After the way Dylan left, Eric was anxious to prosecute, but Theresa warned him that the decision was up to the grand jury. Still, the DA's office decided to proceed with its case against Dylan. In a statement before the grand jury, Jessica admitted that she willingly went to bed with Dylan. Despite Jessica's supporting testimony, the grand jury handed down an indictment against Dylan. Sally offered Dylan the services of her attorney, Connor, to defend him. Stephanie ordered Jessica to stop seeing Dylan, at least until after the trial.

Ridge and Brooke met Laila - but since she wore a veil, they did not recognize her. Still, Ridge couldn't shake the feeling that there was something familiar about the woman. Taylor was furious at Omar for making her watch Brooke and Ridge together - and the act of watching was painful as well, since she saw how contented Ridge was in his new life. Taylor tried to sneak out one night to see Ridge in his room, but several guards grabbed her. Ultimately, Taylor accepted that Ridge was committed to Brooke. As Ridge and Brooke departed, a veiled and defeated Taylor kissed Ridge's hand and told Brooke to take care of her husband. Later, a Moroccan orphan girl comforted Taylor. Back in the States, James was intrigued by Brooke's story about the veiled Laila - and he grew curious about the fact that Ridge and Brooke were in Morocco, the same place where Taylor's speech transcript had come from. James shared his suspicions with Connor, who thought James was hoping too hard that his good friend Taylor was still alive. Meanwhile, Taylor accepted Omar's proposal after he agreed to let her work in the orphanage; however, she wanted to keep the relationship platonic, which upset Omar. Still, he took what he could get and married Taylor.

Ivana brightened Jessica's mood by asking her pal Jose Eber, a famous hairstylist, to give Jessica a makeover. Meanwhile, Dylan's plight grew dimmer. The judge ordered Dylan to stay away from Jessica; however, Dylan told Connor that nothing could keep them apart. Connor advised Dylan to lose that kind of thinking or find another attorney - if he was going to beat this rap, Dylan would have to obey the court's orders. Sally, however, was more lenient towards Dylan - seeing her new employee's plight, Sally allowed him to use her apartment to rendezvous with Jessica. Stephanie found out and almost caught them, but Sally arrived in time to get Jessica out before Steph arrived. Eric and Stephanie, meanwhile, wondered how college student Dylan could afford a high-powered attorney like Connor.

Sheila got Eric to stay with her for thirty days by promising not to sue. Eric again told Sheila that she would have to get therapy from James if she really wanted a reconciliation. James echoed these thoughts, so Sheila agreed to the therapy - however, Eric's heart was not in it and he did not expect to be married by year's end.

Before her trip to Rotterdam, Macy developed a sore throat. She went to a doctor and learned it might be cancerous. Macy gallantly kept her illness a secret, so as not to interfere with the concert plans. Sally, Eric, and Don accompanied Macy and Thorne to Rotterdam. Sally thought it would usher in a new era of Forrester/Spectra relations, but she still kept the fact that she was paying for Dylan's defense a secret.

James spotted a newspaper photo of Omar and the veiled Laila while visiting Ridge. Thinking that Laila strongly resembled Taylor, he went to Stephanie, who refused to believe that Taylor could be alive. After seeing another photo of Laila - one without the veil, but at a bad angle - James grew even more convinced that Taylor was Laila. He shared his theory with Connor that Laila and Taylor were the same person. Posing as a biographer named Brewster McKenzie, James contacted Prince Omar. Omar asked Ahmet's opinion - his aide felt that the publicity would be good for the prince and would allow him to show off his new bride, so Omar agreed to see the "author".

An ill Macy disappeared just before the concert began. Sally and Eric performed as a last-minute opening act while everyone searched for Macy. Thorne found Macy, who managed to sing despite her illness. The crowd loved all four singers, but after the concert Macy collapsed. Meanwhile, back in the states, Anthony asked Stephanie to help him keep Thorne and Macy apart; Stephanie refused. Don made quick arrangements to get Macy back to the United States. She underwent throat cancer surgery, while her family kept a vigil during the operation. Following the operation, Thorne wanted to stay by her side, but Macy asked him not to wait and told him to leave the hospital. She then welcomed Anthony by her side for support. Thorne, however, rediscovered his feelings for Macy and vowed that he would not give up on her.

Upon discovering that Dylan was working at Spectra, Stephanie deduced that Sally was bankrolling Connor on Dylan's behalf. Upon his return from Rotterdam, Eric was furious to learn this, and was shocked that Sally had kept this hidden while talking about friendship between their families. Eric confronted Sally for encouraging Dylan and Jessica's romance, and said she wasn't working in his niece's best interests; Sally disagreed, however, and continued to support Dylan.

Against the court's orders, Dylan visited the Forrester mansion to see Jessica. Eric and Dylan got into a fight as Dylan attempted to go up the stairs. Jessica came upon the two men and ordered her uncle to stop. Eric asserted (as he had with Sally) that Jessica was too young to understand love, and he was only acting in her best interests. Jessica reminded her uncle that he had been married to three women in the last five years, so he wasn't exactly a good example. Eric was stunned and hurt by his niece's words.

At the trial, Eric testified that Dylan took advantage of his innocent niece. Then Jessica took the stand. Trying to keep Dylan out of jail, Jessica told the court that she didn't think she should have to say whether or not they had had sex.

Sheila felt her marriage slipping away after Eric agreed to attend Thorne and Macy's Rotterdam concert without her. James felt Sheila needed an intensive therapy session, so Eric (upon his return) suggested the cabin at Big Bear, now restored since the earthquake earlier in the year. Stephanie warned James to watch his back, since Sheila might have had a hand in Jay's Garvin's death. While waiting to hear from Prince Omar, James agreed to go up to the cabin. James mentioning the names "Lauren" and "Genoa City" to Sheila caused Sheila to flee. James reminded her that if she didn't stay, Eric would divorce her. Thinking James was getting too close, Sheila was about to murder James with a fireplace poker; she pulled back when James received a phone call. The call was from his secretary, who informed him that Prince Omar had agreed to see him. James immediately made plans to go to Morocco, informing Sheila that they would resume her therapy upon his return.