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April, 1995

Jack continued to urge Taylor to go after Ridge, and Taylor began to realize that she did care about her husband and wanted to be back in his life. As the volunteer, she went over to Brooke and Ridge's house to see Brooke; she tried to explain to Brooke that she knew Ridge very well, but Brooke took it the wrong way and suggested that the volunteer find herself another line of work. Angered at Brooke's insinuations, Taylor removed her disguise and revealed her true identity to Brooke; she told her that she was very much alive and still interested in her husband. Brooke challenged Taylor to continue visiting Ridge, who was returning home to recover from surgery that would ultimately restore his sight; Brooke was sure that being in such close proximity to Ridge would show Taylor how close Ridge had become to her. Taylor agreed, and asked Brooke not to tell anyone that she was alive as of yet.

James tried to comfort Sheila, as he remained her captive in the dungeon. He realized that Sheila was needy emotionally and tried to appeal to that in the hopes of getting a chance for his freedom. James allowed Sheila to kiss him in an effort to get her to fall in love with him. This angered Mike, who got jealous of the attention Sheila gave James and tried to beat the captive psychiatrist. Mike insisted to Sheila that James was only trying to trick her, but Sheila was too far in love to believe it. Sheila made love to her captive.

Ivana found Thorne in her apartment, searching for evidence. Thorne warned her to stay away from him and Macy, or else. Thorne left before the police could arrive. Anthony then came and informed Ivana that he, in fact, was the one to write the additional letters that were blamed on her - and now that she knew about that, he couldn't allow her to walk away with that knowledge. Sirens approach in the distance, as Ivana realizes how obsessed Anthony really is.

Thorne and Macy are at the altar when the police arrive - Lt. Burke arrests him for the murder of Ivana Richards Vandervelt. The murder weapon found was Thorne's letter opener, and it was known that Thorne had been arguing with Ivana recently. Thorne asserted his innocence and retained Connor as his attorney, but Lt. Burke pointed out Thorne had a violent past - even though he could never prove it, Burke always suspected that Thorne had shot his brother several years ago (which in fact, he had, but Stephanie took the blame). Despite Connor's best attempts, Thorne was held without bail. Meanwhile, Anthony played the grieving fiancee, depressed at the loss of Ivana. Macy feared that he was suicidal and asked him to move in with her. With the press hounding them both, Anthony suggested they get away to Mexico to plan their strategy. Dylan, in the meantime, began to get suspicious of Anthony's attitude and started nosing around.

Brooke withdrew her offer to return the Forrester stock at the last minute, which angered Stephanie. Meanwhile, Taylor was not convinced that she had no place in Ridge's life and continued to see him as the volunteer. Brooke objected to Taylor's presence, but Taylor said she was determined and would not give in to Brooke.