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August, 1995

Week of 8/7/95 - 8/11/95

While Michael visits Jasmine, George Sanders shows up to ask jasmine why she's not ready to sue Sally. He asks for Michael's help, but Michael says that Spectra paying Jasmine's hospital bills should be enough. Besides, Michael points out, that will put people out of work with the kind of money the attorney is talking about. Sanders says that is nonsense - insurance will cover it, so he urges Jasmine to consider his offer. Ironically, Jasmine has a new roommate - who it turns out is Sally. Macy and Darla visit Sally, noting flowers and cards from the likes of Stephanie Forrester and Jack Hamilton. Macy leaves for a party at the Forresters' celebrating Thorne's release. Over at the mansion, Thorne thanks his family for all their support as Eric, Stephanie Ridge and Jessica join him for the celebration. Ridge breaks the news to his family that he has asked Taylor for a divorce so he can marry Brooke, which Stephanie thinks is the wrong decision. Back in the hospital, Jasmine turns up the music with everyone gone. Sally, on the other side, asks her roommate to turn it down, and each of them is stunned to see that the other is her new roommate. Macy arrives at the Forresters', and Thorne asks her to marry him - not in a chapel, but in a huge party by the Malibu beach. Macy accepts and kisses him. James tells Stephanie that Taylor can move on with help from friends like him, but Stephanie insists that what Taylor needs is Ridge. As Sally and Jasmine continue to bicker, Saul tells Jasmine to ease up, since many people depend on Sally. Jasmine is then impressed when she hears how Sally took a bullet for her daughter, but a snide comment from Sally implying that Jasmine is faking her pain gets the two of them back at each other's throat. Sally can't believe Jasmine is considering a lawsuit. Katie and Donna surprise Ridge and Brooke with breakfast - with a picnic for two planned for Ridge and Brooke as well. Stephanie arrives at Jack's apartment and finds a depressed Taylor. She urges Taylor to get out of this funk and take the initiative with Ridge while there is still time. Stephanie and a realtor show Taylor a house on the beach - Taylor is reluctant to take it, but Stephanie convinces her. Maggie finds pictures of her with Dylan and gets all teary-eyed from the memories. Connor arrives with flowers and convinces Maggie to go out on a date with him. At the same time, Dylan is also upset, as Jessica explains that her mother is depressed from getting dumped by the new man in her life. Both couples wind up at Mannequins, where Dylan gets upset watching Maggie with Connor. Dylan suggests that Connor dance with Jessica - while they are away from the table, Dylan tells Maggie he wants to see her again. Maggie says she can't, so Dylan kisses her. Connor hides the kiss from Jessica, while Maggie breaks from the kiss, slaps Dylan and runs off. After Brooke tells Stephanie that she knows how to make Ridge happy, Stephanie reminds her not to be so confident, since there are still 6 months before Brooke can marry Ridge. Eric comes by to visit Eric, Jr, but finds Ridge at home. When Eric says he was surprised at Ridge's decision, he admits he is lonely and misses Brooke at times. They are interrupted by a phone call from Eric, Jr.'s baseball coach - Eric, Jr. has gotten into a fight. Brooke then returns, and Eric finds himself wistful at the life Brooke has with Ridge. Maggie returns to the table at Mannequins. Jessica realizes her mom and the man in her life used to come there and figures that is why Maggie is upset. Dylan asks Maggie questions about how much she cared for that man, but Maggie insists the man is "unavailable." Jessica suggests that Dylan and Maggie dance - on the dance floor, he tells her how much he loves her, but Maggie insists they must stay apart for Jessica's sake. Eric comes by to see Taylor at the beach house - she is sick to her soul from thinking about the divorce, but Eric, from experience, gives her advice that she has to move on and get past it. Ridge and Brooke discuss Eric, Jr's problems at school - Ridge suspects that everything with them in Taylor is responsible, but Brooke suggests having Eric talk to the boy. At the mansion, Dylan turns a deaf ear to talk about Connor and Maggie; Jessica suspects that Dylan doesn't like her mother. Dylan denies it, saying that he and Maggie were only talking about Jessica, and he knows Maggie cares for her daughter. He looks out the window at the guesthouse and spots Connor's car. Meanwhile, Connor deduces from the kiss at Mannequins that Dylan is the man in Maggie's life. Maggie confirms it, but assures Connor that she will not hurt her daughter, even if it means not seeing Dylan again. Connor says he understands what Maggie is going through, and he thinks she is a wonderful woman. Connor sees Dylan at the window. "If you want to send him a message, kiss me like you mean it" he tells Maggie. Maggie kisses him and Dylan sees them. He leaves the place crying and looking devastated.

Week of 8/14/95 - 8/18/95

Sally and Jasmine still fight in their hospital room. Jasmine sneaks her own design to Sally who believes it's from a prospective designer. Sally puts the design into production. Macy's singing voice seems to be coming back. Jasmine agrees to drop her suit against Sally who is well enough to go home. Jasmine recuperates at Michael and Dylan's apartment. Dylan and Connor argue over Maggie. Dylan and Maggie go away together to figure out their relationship. Stephanie worries that James could take advantage of Taylor's vulnerability and she wants Taylor to remain free in case Ridge should change his mind. James explains he'll only be a supporting friend for Taylor. At her new beach house, Taylor meets a young man, Jay, who invites her to a party down the street. She declines. Ridge visits Taylor to see how she is and his presence torments her. Brooke is upset because Ridge thinks about Taylor. James prepares a romantic dinner and tries to charm Taylor. Ridge and Brooke are about to make love on the desk in Ridge's office when they get a call that Eric Jr. has been fighting in school again. Sally's son, C.J., is the boy Eric Jr. fights with.

Week of 8/21/95 - 8/25/95

Dylan and Maggie arrive at the cabin. Dylan tells her how much he loves her and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Dylan persuades Maggie that they should tell Jessica about them and they kiss. Jessica wonders where Dylan could be. Sally finds out that the design she likes was done by Jasmine. She offers Jasmine a job designing for Spectra. Sally means to go back to her old ways, knocking off other designers, especially the Forresters. Ridge and Brooke are furious with C.J. for taunting Eric Jr. and Ridge wonders if he has failed Eric Jr. who tells him that he is not his father and shouldn't act as though he is. He wishes he could live with his real father, Eric. Eric tells Taylor he wishes he still lived with Brooke and Eric Jr. Ridge calls Eric and tells him that there is a problem with Eric Jr. who has been taunted at school about his real father. Ridge and Eric Jr. argue, Eric steps in and decides to take a more active role in raising his son. Ridge is not pleased. Taylor is attacked by an intruder in her new beach house. She manages to scare him off and calls Ridge. After the police are called, Ridge installs a dead bolt for Taylor. She is still scared and Ridge sleeps in a chair by her bedside. Brooke is furious that Ridge spent the night at Taylor's house. Taylor sees Jerry, the young man she met on the beach. She wonders if he could be her attacker.

Week of 8/28/95 - 9/1/95

Stephanie went to Taylor to ask her if she's going to Thorne and Macy's wedding. Taylor says no, she doesn't belong. Stephanie asserts otherwise, and that she should go. She also informs Taylor about the problems Ridge and Brooke have been having with Eric Jr. Meanwhile, Brooke is overseeing an office visit with Eric Jr. and Eric Sr. Brooke leaves, and Eric Jr. asserts that he doesn't want his brother to be his father. He wants to live with Eric Sr. Eric tries to convince his son that they all want what is in his best interests. Thorne learns of the break-in at Taylor's when he visits Ridge, trying to find out why Taylor isn't coming to the wedding. Brooke visits Sally and asks her to keep CJ in line, but Sally thinks the problem might be with Brooke and how Eric Jr's misbehaving makes her look as a mother. Ridge tells Taylor that she should be at the wedding and that he needs help with Eric Jr. He wants her to observe his behavior, and probable lack of decorum, while she's there. Taylor is convinced that she should go. Sly prepared the Bikini for the wedding, under the supervision of the gang at Spectra and the bride and groom. Thorne intends to ask Dylan to be his best man while Macy chooses Jessica as maiden of honor. Macy gets a call from her doctor but doesn't tell Thorne about it. Meanwhile, Maggie and Dylan head off to a rustic cabin getaway; Dylan thinks Jessica will understand when they tell her the truth but Maggie, while she agrees it has to be done, fears she may lose her daughter. Dylan then calls Jessica (who is over at the Bikini) on her cell phone and tries to tell her they have to talk. Before he can, Thorne picks up and asks Dylan to be the best man. Dylan says yes, and then tells Jessica they have to talk when he gets back. Taylor gets a visit from Brooke, who thinks Taylor cooked the whole story of a stalker up to draw Ridge out there. Taylor denies it and changes the issue to Brooke's problems with Eric Jr (which Stephanie told her about). Brooke says that it's exaggerated and warns Taylor to stay away from Ridge. Taylor says she can't - especially since she is taking Thorne up on his invitation to attend the wedding, and also because Ridge asked her to check on Eric Jr. Ridge and Eric discuss Eric Jr, and Ridge gets upset when Eric says he wants to spend more time with his youngest son. Taylor tells James about the break-in, and about how Ridge wants her at the wedding; James suspects Stephanie may have something to do with it and asks Taylor if he can escort her. Dylan and Maggie return from their trip and agree that they should wait until after the wedding to tell Jessica. Macy's doctor tells her that her throat is healing, and that she can sing at her wedding as long as she doesn't push herself. Thorne worries that Jessica may be overtaxed when he sees her looking ill at the wedding rehearsal. The wedding day finally arrives - Macy and Thorne finally become man and wife once again. Macy surprises everyone - including her husband - that she can sing again, as she and Thorne join in a duet of ALWAYS.