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December, 1995

Week of 12/4/95 - 12/8/95

The Forrester and Spectra fashion shows are both preparing to begin. Eric is praying that his fabricated romance with Sally will force her to cancel her show. He plans to make a personal announcement at the Forrester show, but will not divulge what it is about. Stephanie hopes that Eric will be announcing their reconciliation; Ridge feels that is a strong possibility. Sally is going ahead with the Spectra show as planned. Eric calls and invites her to the Forrester show. Sally is thrilled and leaves Saul, Darla and Jasmine to run the Spectra show without her, causing some static. Brooke assumes Sally crashed the Forrester show until Eric assures her that Sally is his date. Everyone is stunned. Ridge thinks his father is losing it, spending time with Sally this way. Sally begins to feel pangs of guilt and she excuses herself from Eric for a moment. Eric calls Michael backstage at the Spectra show and asks her to try and stall. Michael tells Jasmine that they need to halt the show, telling her about the stolen designs. The Forrester show ends and Eric makes his personal announcement: Sally Spectra will be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester. Eric invites Sally onto the stage and places a ring on her finger. Stephanie is devastated. Sally makes a phone call. Eric goes to his office and finds Sally waiting for him. Sally tells him she did not cancel her show and needs to get back there. The Forresters descend upon Eric, demanding explanations. Before Eric can finish telling them about the stolen designs, a news broadcast airs, stating that Spectra pulled several designs from their show at the last minute. Eric tells Brooke, Ridge and Stephanie about the stolen designs and his game plan regarding Sally. Stephanie goes to see Sally. Sally gloats about her engagement to Eric. Stephanie takes the ring and smashes it to pieces, showing Sally that is was only made of glass and telling her that the whole engagement was a con to get her to pull the stolen designs from the show. Sally is shattered. Sheila assures Brian that the Forresters are part of her past, that she was the one who destroyed her life with Eric and she has no one else to blame. Brian tells her that James Warwick is coming to see her and his testimony at the parole hearing will be crucial for her case. Sheila tells James that she is no longer irrational and insane. James tells her that she never was, that she is a deviant person who belongs in prison, not a hospital. Sheila recounts some of her horrible past to James, questioning his judgment on her rationality and hoping that he will be fair in front of the parole board.

Week of 12/11/95 - 12/15/95

Eric goes to see Sally to thank her for pulling the gowns. Sally is still very angry and hurt over Eric's deception and does not understand why Eric felt he had to humiliate her in front of the whole world. Eric tells her he had no choice, that he was not trying to hurt her and that he enjoyed their time together. She tells him that she loves him. Jasmine accuses Sally of setting her up to take the fall for the stolen gowns -- she quits Spectra. Sheila gets support from her cellmates, nurse Croft and Dr. Carey as she faces her parole hearing. Sheila admits to being nervous. Stephanie, Eric, Lauren and James prepare to go to the hearing. They are all of one mind: keep Sheila in prison. They all speak out against Sheila's release. Dr. Carey, nurse Croft, Sarah and Sheila try to persuade the board that Sheila has changed her ways and is ready for release. The Forresters do not believe any of it. Ridge thinks Brooke is making a big deal out of the incident with Lauren in the steam room when it really meant nothing to him. Ridge goes to see Taylor and invites her to the wedding. Taylor needs time to decide and assumes this means the finalization of the divorce is imminent. Ridge says all the papers need is her signature. Taylor questions Ridge's desire to remarry and Ridge assures her he wants to. Taylor signs the papers. Brooke visits Taylor to ask that she sign the divorce papers, not knowing that Taylor already has.

Week of 12/18/95 - 12/22/95

Sheila tells Dr. Carey that she does not think she will last another year if parole is not granted. The board reviews Sheila's case and grants her parole. Brian (Dr. Carey) and Sheila go to Sheila's new house. He tells her to make a contract with someone in the past whom she trusted. Sheila calls Brooke and invites her over. Brooke reluctantly agrees. Mike stops by while Sheila is preparing for her visit with Brooke. At first he is reluctant to trust her again, but by the time he leaves, he is impressed with the new Sheila. Brooke arrives and is also impressed with Sheila's new outlook. Sheila offers Brooke some tea -- Brooke hesitates -- she thinks that it may be poisoned. Sheila admits to Brooke that she has done some awful things but she is grateful to have a second chance and still wants Brooke as a friend. Stephanie, James and Lauren anxiously await the parole board's decision. Lauren tells them she has prepared for the worst by purchasing a gun. James thinks she is overreacting. They are all shocked when Sheila's released is announced. Ridge asks Rick to be the best man at his wedding and is dismayed when Rick refuses. He tells Brooke that he feels he should move out until the wedding. Rick goes to see Taylor and she tells him it is over between her and his father, but she will always be there for him. She tells him to give Ridge a chance. Brooke stops by Taylor's while Taylor is preparing to decorate her Christmas tree. Brooke apologizes for her behavior on her last visit and asks Taylor's opinion of Sheila. Taylor warns her to stay away. Eric and Taylor share an expensive bottle of wine and decorate Taylor's tree. Eric tells her that he is not going to push her for a relationship anymore and is happy just to have her as a friend.

Week of 12/25/95 - 12/29/95

The Forresters gather for Christmas; Jessica gives Maggie a gift symbolizing how her mom is her guardian angel and Ridge gives Brooke a ruby heart necklace for their upcoming nuptials. Stephanie notices that Macy is worried about her mom and brother spending the holiday alone, so Stephanie goes to Sally's place. Shortly after, Sally and CJ arrive at the Forrester home to spend Christmas with the family. James checks up on Sheila to see how she is doing; Sheila mentions that she really hasn't had any friends since Brooke, but James thinks she should avoid that friendship. Nevertheless, Sheila sends Brooke a rose and tries to rekindle their friendship. Stephanie suspects that the rose is from a man and shares her suspicions with Taylor; Brooke, meanwhile, goes to Sheila and tells her that she can't allow this to continue because of Ridge. Jasmine quits her job at Spectra and gets a job at the Bikini, while Dylan keeps his job at Spectra. Sly, who is unhappy because of the amount of work being placed on him by the owner of the Bikini, plots to land Jessica. Dylan worries about Sly's attention towards Jessica while Jasmine becomes attracted to Sly. Sly proposes to Jessica after she admits she no longer has feelings for Dylan; Jessica, however, is unsure how she feels and asks for some time. Jasmine comes on to Sly, and Sly does not discourage her. Stephanie traps Taylor and Ridge in an elevator together; Taylor has a bout of claustrophobia, so Ridge is forced to tell her a fairy tale about a couple in love who were drawn apart. AS they are released from the elevator, Ridge tells Taylor that in time, the couple did live happily ever after.