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February, 1995

After checking on Jack Hamilton's condition, James contacted Taylor in Morocco. Taylor convinced Omar to allow her to return home. Meanwhile, the Forresters were all concerned about Jack since the attack was so sudden - he had been in perfect health, Stephanie pointed out. They tried to contact Jack's son, Zack, through Felicia, but Felicia said they had broken up. The folks at Spectra were also concerned, since Jack had worked at Spectra. Sally and Darla almost spotted Taylor when she snuck into the hospital, but she managed to avoid detection. When Taylor came into Jack's room, he was under heavy medication - the sight of his "dead" daughter led him to believe that he was hallucinating and seeing an angel.

Not wanting to be caught so close, Taylor went to a beautician named Gladys and developed a disguise - with a wig, contact lenses and glasses, she looked nothing like her former self and was able to get around without being detected. Taylor visited Jack again and revealed to him that she was alive. However, when Jack urged her to resume her life, she was reluctant, because she knew Ridge and Brooke were now married. Ridge almost caught Taylor in Jack's room during a visit, but she hid quickly and overheard Ridge and Jack talking about her; after that, Jack tried to convince her again that she belonged with Ridge. Taylor decided to attend a seminar being conducted by Ridge and Brooke at Forrester to observe them together and make her decision.

Sheila and James resumed their therapy, as James reminded her that their sessions were confidential. Eric, in the meantime, was tiring of the marriage and wanted out. Sensing from their sessions that Sheila's past in Genoa City was the key to her problems, James decided to contact Lauren Fenmore and asked her to come to Los Angeles.

Dylan and Jessica continued to take their relationship slowly, hoping to show Eric and Stephanie that they could be trusted to be responsible in their relationship.

Anthony fumed when she heard Sally mention that she wanted to keep the company in the family and leave it to Macy and C.J. - and Thorne, who would soon be in the family again. Anthony told Sally that he wasn't like Clarke or Bill - an outsider that would stab her in the back - but Sally remained adamant that she did not want the company outside the family. Meanwhile, Ivana tried to come on to Thorne during a fitting session, and Trish spotted them in the office. Thorne ordered Ivana out.

Upset about being rejected by Thorne, Ivana sent a cruel letter to Macy and signed it "Irv." In a talk with Darla, Ivana determined that Macy had received the letter, as Macy and Thorne wondered who would send such a venomous note. Meanwhile, Anthony suggested she be his date, along with Thorne and Macy. Ivana was surprised to learn that Macy had received a second letter signed "Irv" - she had only written one. Macy soon received a third note and Thorne called the police. The police said they would need something to go on, so it would take time. In the meantime, Anthony told Ivana what a great job she did with the letters; Ivana, however, insisted she only wrote one letter.

Thanks to a last minute cancellation, Taylor attended the seminar Ridge and Brooke were giving; she picked the name "Carol Roberts" when Jessica (who was handling the registration desk) asked for the name to put on the tag. Taylor/Carol was uncomfortable when Ridge picked her name at a time when he needed a volunteer to help him with a demonstration. Brooke apologized to "Carol" for Ridge, saying he didn't intend to make her feel uncomfortable. After the seminar, Jessica struck up a friendly conversation with Taylor/Carol (who didn't realize Jess was a Forrester, since she had not moved there when Taylor "left"), and gave "Carol" a tour of Forrester. Jessica noticed that Carol was especially interested in Ridge's office and later told Brooke about it.