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January, 1995

Dylan's trial continued - Jessica took the stand and testified that she and Dylan only made love once, while Sally testified on her new employee's behalf. Connor feared that Sally's testimony about offering Dylan and Jessica her apartment might lead the jury to think that Dylan and Jessica slept together more than once and warned Dylan that it could work against him. Fearing that Dylan would be convicted, Jessica asked him to run away. Dylan, however, brought her back to the Forrester home while she was asleep. Stephanie told this to the court when the case was ready to close. Although the judge pointed out that this present behavior did not change Dylan's *PAST* behavior, the jury found Dylan not guilty. Eric and Stephanie admitted to Jessica that they may have overreacted in not trusting her, but they were still unsure about Jessica being with Dylan. Jessica and Dylan agreed to take a step back and go slowly in their relationship for a while.

When James arrived in Morocco as Brewster McKenzie, Taylor tried to hide who she was from her former mentor and friend. She even spoke in a phony accent, telling James that he was wrong, but James insisted that she remove her veil. Taking the veil off himself, he learned that Laila was indeed Taylor. He questioned Taylor staying there when she still cared for Ridge, so Taylor put on a show for James to convince him. She danced with a snake seductively in Omar's presence. James still didn't buy it; after speaking to Connor (who said that Stephanie was suspicious about James' absence, since it kept him from his therapy with Sheila), he decided to return and asked Taylor to join him. He told Omar that he would complete the biography in the states, and waited for Taylor. However, he was surprised when a veiled woman entered his room; he thought it was Taylor, but it turned out to be Yasmeen, who told "McKenzie" that Laila would remain in Morocco. James asked Yasmeen to tell the Princess to meet him at the airport, hoping Taylor would change her mind.

Sheila continued to fend off Stephanie, who wondered what had happened with Sheila's therapy. Sheila crashed Ridge's birthday party, which Stephanie had planned for him. Stephanie was upset at how Sheila had again insinuated himself into their lives. When James called to say he was on his way home with a surprise, Stephanie was hopeful that this meant news about Sheila (what he really meant was Taylor, since he was calling from the airport). James waited for Taylor, but she stood by her decision to remain with Omar for Ridge's sake, so he returned to the United States alone.

Macy's throat surgery was a success, with the cancer removed. However, the doctors were unsure what would happen to her singing voice. Thorne continued to feel shut out, since Macy did not want to see him, but a talk with Brooke convinced him that Macy was trying to spare him pain. Thorne went to the hospital just as Macy learned that the cancer was removed and proposed to her; Macy accpeted. Meanwhile, Anthony planned a lavish press conference to propose to Macy. Ivana and Thorne were also in attendance. Macy didn't want to hurt Anthony, so she tried to stop him from proposing - however, it was too late. Pictures of Anthony and Ivana showed up in the paper with the headline saying "DUMPED!", and the two of them were more determined than ever to keep Macy and Thorne apart.

Brooke appraoched Connor about returning her 51% of Forrester to the family. Because he knew that Taylor was alive, Connor was hesitant about helping; but when Brooke insisted that she would find another lawyer if necessary, Connor agreed to draw up the papers.

At Ridge's party, the family got some bad news - Taylor's father, Jack Hamilton, had a heart attack and was in the hospital.