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July, 1995

Week of 7/3/95 - 7/7/95

Anthony takes a ring out of the box and asks Macy to be his wife. She can hardly hide her disgust. He'll tell her things if she becomes his wife. Sally realizes what Thorne and Macy are planning and is horrified. She's afraid Anthony could kill Macy. She's stunned when Macy tells her that she and Anthony are engaged. Dylan doesn't hear from Jessica and goes to the restaurant with Michael, his female roommate. Jessica and her mother, Maggie, make up. Dylan sees Maggie at the restaurant and talks to her. They dance and make a date to go to the beach. They meet at the beach and have a good time. Maggie kisses Dylan. Taylor gives Eric Jr. and Bridget swimming lessons. They get along great. Taylor thanks Stephanie for the opportunity to reacquaint herself with the kids. Brooke is furious when she finds out. She and Taylor have a fight. Brooke believes her marriage to Ridge will be found legal in court. Both Brooke and Taylor try to get Ridge to say which wife he would prefer. Ridge is confused. Omar is determined to stay married to Taylor. Connor calls, and it's time to go to court to determine who is Ridge's legal wife, Brooke or Taylor.

Week of 7/10/95 - 7/14/95

Macy and Darla have a plan for Anthony. Darla gets Anthony to kiss her. Macy walks in on them and pretends to be trying to stab Darla with scissors. Macy pretends to feel bad she was so violent. Anthony says he's killed someone. Macy turns on her tape recorder. Anthony confesses he killed Ivana. He wants to make love. Macy sends him to buy a condom. The batteries of her tape recorder were low and the tape is intelligible. The tape recorder falls on the floor as Anthony returns. Macy tells him they'll make love at home tonight. She leaves and Anthony notices the tape recorder on the floor. He realizes that Macy was taping his confession. Darla manages to go in and retrieve the tape recorder. They show it to the police, but it's not understandable. The police take the tape to their lab. Anthony vows to take revenge against Macy. Omar tells his lawyer that he wants his say in court and wants to keep Taylor as his wife. Brooke, Omar, Ridge, and Taylor arrive in the judge's chambers with their lawyers. Taylor's attorney states that Ridge and Taylor are husband and wife. Omar's attorney states that Omar feels his marriage to Taylor is legal and binding. Brooke says that she feels Taylor gave up her claim to Ridge when she married Omar. Connor shows Taylor her marriage certificate to Omar. Taylor says she didn't know what she was doing when she married Omar. The judge tells Taylor she committed bigamy when she married Omar. Taylor tells the judge she didn't consummate her marriage to Omar because she loves Ridge. Taylor explains how Omar manipulated her. After all the testimonies, the judge announces he will give his decision the next day.

Week of 7/17/95 - 7/21/95

Maggie thinks about her time on the beach with Dylan when Jessica comes in, worried that her mom is becoming a couch potato and letting life pass her by since the divorce. Maggie wonders about meeting Jessica's boyfriend soon, but Jessie has plans for the night. When Jessie goes out to take care of some stuff for school, Maggie calls Dylan and offers to come make dinner for him. Brooke anxiously awaits the judge's decision while Connor assures her. Ridge wonders if he might have rushed Brooke into marriage too quickly, but Brooke assures him she has no regrets and will love him no matter what the judge decides. James tries to reassure Taylor as she waits for the judge's decision. The judge makes a decision. While discussing the Ridge/Taylor/Brooke situation, Stephanie and Eric are surprised to see the change in Maggie, who tells them of her plans to make dinner for a friend - a male friend. Dylan asks Michael if she can clean up the house and make herself scarce, because he's got a dinner guest - Michael suspects it's Maggie from Mannequins and agrees to help out. As Maggie arrives, Michael makes a quick exit. Eric laments how he would be happy to see Taylor happy, but he still feels for Brooke. Stephanie is confident Taylor will be back in their family and that Brooke will land on her feet, as always. In chambers, Omar asks Ridge if they can put everything behind them once the judge rules, but Ridge says he can never forget. Outside, Brooke runs into Taylor, who is sad that an outsider is deciding their fates, as Brooke reminds Taylor it was her choice. The judge rules in favor of Ridge and Taylor's marriage, which voids Brooke's marriage to Ridge and Omar's to Taylor. Brooke is in tears. Taylor tells Stephanie the news, but points out that Ridge barely spoke to her - leading Stephanie to point out that Taylor has to make a move for Ridge or risk losing him. Sly tells Jessica that he saw Dylan with a blonde, so Jessica goes to confront Dylan. Maggie and Dylan are having dinner and getting romantic at his apartment when Jessica knocks at the door. Sally worries about Macy and Anthony - but in the meantime, she has an interview with an intern, Jasmine Malone, to worry about. Jasmine and Sally fail to hit it off and Jasmine leaves - and gets into an elevator which has been having problems. Maggie goes to freshen up, so she isn't present when Jessica comes in. Spotting the candles and the romantic setting, she leaves. When Maggie returns, Dylan tells her what happened, and Maggie realizes that things are serious between Dylan and his girlfriend. Brooke tells Ridge to take some time away to decide what he wants to do. Maggie tells Dylan that he can't have both her and his girlfriend, and she's confident Dylan will pick her over an inexperienced schoolgirl. When Maggie returns home, Jessica tells her mother that she fears she might be losing her boyfriend because she's taken him for granted - and now he's found someone else. Maggie advises her daughter to go talk to Dylan. Dylan tells Michael about his dilemma, and Michael sees he has it bad for Maggie. Sally checks on Jasmine at the hospital and is horrified to see a shyster attorney named George Sanders show up - the man's a noted ambulance chase and can be trouble for Sally. Jessica pleads with Dylan not to give up on what they have and he agrees.

Week of 7/24/95 - 7/28/95

Jasmine is reluctant to get involved with Sanders, but the man starts talking dollar signs. Michael tries to convince Jasmine not to get involved with the ambulance chaser. Brooke tells Stephanie that Ridge ahs gone up to the cabin, so Stephanie follows him there to offer her support in making his decision. Brooke is talking to Katie about Ridge when Taylor arrives. She wants to see Ridge, and is surprised when Brooke says he isn't there. Brooke is confident that Ridge will make the choice, no matter what the judge says. Stephanie advises Ridge to search his heart and his memories, and he'll find the answer to his dilemma. Lt. Burke informs Thorne and Macy that the lab could not get anything off of Macy's tape recorded confession. Macy says she will have to do something else, but Thorne begs her to consider the danger she's putting herself in. Thorne asks Burke to put a watch on Anthony's apartment, but the detective reminds Thorne that there is no evidence to warrant such action. Anthony prepares a special dinner for Macy - a menu to die for! Sally can't concentrate; she's too worried about Macy. Darla tries to reassure her that Macy knows what she's doing. Sally doesn't buy it. She's going over there before it's too late for Macy. Macy puts on her recorder as she arrives at Anthony's. Connor confides in Dylan that he's interested in asking Jessica's mom out, and Dylan admits he still hasn't met her. Dylan tells Connor about his problems with Jessica. James asks Maggie out to dinner but she declines, saying she is already seeing someone. Jessica then arrives with the news that she and her boyfriend have made up - and a celebration of that would be the perfect time for to meet Jessica's boyfriend to finally meet, Maggie suggests. Anthony fingers his gun as he dances with Macy and then gives her some lingerie as a gift. She goes to put it on. In the bathroom, Macy finds Sally by the window. Sally urges Macy to leave now, but they are interrupted by a knock at the door from Anthony. Maggie asks Dylan to go hiking with her, and Dylan realizes it may be time to end his relationship with Jessica. Maggie then returns home to help Jessica prepare for dinner. Thorne tries to make Lt. Burke realize Macy is in danger. Sally hides, so Anthony does not see her. Macy then comes on to Anthony, telling him how turned on she gets when he talks about his dangerous side. She asks him to tell her how he set up Thorne, knowing the recorder is running. Once he has confessed, Macy pretends to hear something from the other room. Anthony then reveals that he knows all about the recorder, which he takes from her. He then admits how he's known about her game, but he let her play it because he wanted her. Even though she repaid him with nothing but humiliation and betrayal by agreeing to marry Thorne instead of him, he still trusted her and loved her, he claims. But now, he has no choice but to deal with her - he cocks the gun, but Sally races from the bathroom and takes the bullet for Macy! Seeing that Maggie has everything all set for dinner, Jessica goes off to pick up Dylan. Meanwhile, Maggie calls Dylan and says how she's looking forward to their little getaway. Jessica arrives at Dylan's and he wants to talk to her, but she says that it must be about the other woman, which is now over anyway, so it can wait. They head over to the Forrester guesthouse, where Maggie and Dylan are stunned to find out who the other really is. Michael tries to talk Jasmine out of suing Sally, pointing out that Dylan works for Spectra; Jasmine agrees to consider it, but she can't think of another way to teach Sally a lesson for the shoddy way she treated her. Thorne urges Lt. Burke to check on Macy. Anthony tries to get another shot at Macy off, but Sally musters up the energy to warn her. Macy gets the gun away from Anthony, but cannot shoot him - Anthony then manages to get the gun back. He's about to shoot her again when the police burst in. An ambulance is called for Sally as Anthony is led away. Lt. Burke arrives and finds that even though the recorder fell to the floor, Anthony's confession is intact. Sally tells Macy how proud she is of her before passing out, and Macy pleads, "Don't leave me, Mother!"

Week of 7/31/95 - 8/4/95

Sally is rushed to the hospital after being shot by Anthony. The doctors tell Macy they were able to remove the bullet. Thorne is released from jail and goes to see Macy at the hospital. Macy is so glad that the nightmare is over and hopes that Sally can pull through so they can finally get on with their lives. Sally awakens and tells Macy not to wait to get married, life is too short to wait for anything. Maggie is horrified to learn that Dylan is Jessica's boyfriend. Dylan wants to tell Jessica about his feelings for Maggie, but Maggie insists that Jessica not know anything about them. Maggie tells Dylan that they cannot see each other anymore because her daughter is in love with him. Dylan does not want to stop seeing Maggie he has really fallen for her. Jessica has no idea what is going on and arranges for Maggie and Connor to double date with her and Dylan. Ridge makes a decision about his marriage. He calls Taylor and tells her he wants to stop by and see her. Ridge tells Taylor that things are different now, he thought Taylor was dead and allowed himself to fall in love with Brooke; therefore, he has decided to stay with her. Taylor breaks down in tears. Omar pleads with Taylor to come back to Morocco with him and be his wife.