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June, 1995

Taylor was upset with Omar for talking to Ridge - at the same time, Ridge blamed Omar for taking advantage of Taylor. Brooke gave Taylor a wedding gift as a sign that she should accept that she was Omar's wife - Taylor, meanwhile, told Brooke that she intended to fight for her husband. Brooke warned Taylor that Ridge was committed to his family with Brooke, and that was something Taylor could not give him. Eric was stunned to see Taylor alive. At Connor's suggestion, the Forresters held a press conference to let the world know that Taylor was alive. Taylor also resumed her practice. At the press conference, the press asked Brooke how she really felt about Taylor being alive. Brooke said they should all rejoice, but she still hoped inside that Taylor would be out of their lives. Ridge then took a business trip to China to get some distance from the women who caused his dilemma. Back in L.A., James and Connor tried unsuccessfully to smooth things over between the two women. Stephanie forgave Taylor after realizing that Taylor did not sleep with Omar, and offered Taylor her help in winning Ridge back.

After gathering some items with Mike's help, Sheila summoned the Forresters, James and Lauren together at the mansion. With the house surrounded by police, Sheila snuck in. She held them at gunpoint and threatened to kill Stephanie, but Brooke and Ridge offered to take the bullet instead. With her plan falling apart around her, Sheila drank some poison she had prepared. It appeared she was dying, as she said "all I ever wanted was to be loved." She was taken off - but a few weeks later, Lt. Burke dropped by to tell the Forresters that Sheila was alive. They had managed to pump her stomach, and she was being held in a prison mental hospital.

Jessica's mother, Maggie, called Jessica and said she wanted her home, but Jessica refused. Shortly after, Maggie arrived from Davenport, IA in her RV and parked on Stephanie's doorstep. Stephanie warned Maggie that Jessica had changed a great deal, but Maggie wanted to see for herself. Upon seeing her daughter again, Maggie found out that Jessica had a scholarship to the University of Southern California and had no intention of leaving.

Maggie moved into the Forrester guesthouse. In the meantime, Dylan and Jessica decided to see other people, Dylan had a few kisses from Darla, but nothing came of it. In addition, Dylan had a new roommate - a girl named Michael Lai. He and Michael went to check out a new bar called Mannequins, and Michael dared Dylan to hit on the first woman who walked in. That was Maggie, and she and Dylan hit it off. Of course, Maggie had no idea this was her daughter's boyfriend, even though they were now seeing other people. Maggie and Dylan made a date on the beach and kissed - and Sly, who was after Jessica for himself, saw the kiss.

After breaking out of prison in a laundry cart, Slash and Thorne went their separate ways. Thorne checked in with Dylan, He tried to call Macy in Mexico but Anthony answered. Thorne accused Anthony of killing Ivana, but Anthony hung up before Thorne could speak to Macy. Thorne then headed for Mexico, where he confronted Anthony. Anthony admitted to killing Ivana, and Macy overheard from the next room. However, she was afraid that Anthony might harm Thorne and pretended to take Anthony's side. A hurt Thorne fled and was recaptured, and Anthony and Macy returned to the United States. There, Macy admitted that she had overheard Anthony's confession to Thorne. In an effort to expose Anthony, Macy told him what a turn-on it was that Thorne had killed Ivana. Anthony was steamed, since he knew he had committed the crime, but he kept mum. Macy was upset that she did not have a confession yet and tried another plan.