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1992 (Oct-Dec)


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March, 1995

An explosion in the lab rendered Ridge blind. Brooke blamed herself, since she couldn't think of any reason that the equipment would have malfunctioned, but Ridge assured his wife that she was not at fault. Taylor, who was visiting Jack in the hospital, said she was ready to return to Morocco. She showed him sketches that had arrived from the children in the orphanage, leading Jack to ask why they were addressed to "Princess" (which Taylor said was a nickname). She said she would always have fond memories of Ridge when she learned of Ridge's injuries and could not desert the man she loved. She therefore adjusted her disguise with a different wig and glasses and posed as a volunteer at the hospital, which allowed her to stay close to her husband and help him adjust to the blindness.

Brooke asked Connor to proceed with the transfer of stock back to the Forresters. Connor went to visit Taylor to share his concerns with her. Taylor told him to do what he felt was best - just as she would do the same.

Sheila confided in Mike about how her past was catching up to her, since she was afraid that Lauren's arrival would cause trouble. Lauren was surprised to learn from Eric that he was divorcing Sheila, but he asked her not tell him anything until Sheila's therapy was complete. Sheila reminded Lauren of her promise to Scott, on his deathbed, not to tell Eric about her past, so Lauren agreed to hold off on telling Eric. However, after talking with James, Lauren was ready to reveal the truth. Sheila tried to drown her in a Jacuzzi to keep her quiet, but Lauren managed to get air from the hoses and escape. She hit Sheila on the head and went to tell James the truth. Mike found the injured Sheila, who worried that Eric would know the truth. Before James could get to Eric, Mike and Sheila kidnapped him and imprisoned him in the dungeon beneath her home, which was built by the legendary magician Harry Houdini.

Eric and Stephanie wondered what James' mysterious and sudden disappearance meant. In the meantime, Sheila starved James in order to force him to do her bidding. When he was desperate enough to beg for water, she told him he had to earn it - she told him to write a letter to Eric and Stephanie, stating that he was leaving town. In addition, she also told him to make a phone call to them with the same story, adding that he had found that the therapy with Sheila was inconsequential. James complied. However, this was not enough to keep Eric married to Sheila and he served her with divorce papers.

Brooke learned from Ridge about the volunteer who had been helping him. When Brooke met her face to face, she could have sworn that it was Carol Roberts from the seminar, albeit with a different hairstyle. Taylor (who had been using a British accent as the volunteer) said she must have been mistaken. Ridge thought that that the volunteer was familiar to him, and he begged her to tell him. He asked her to be honest with him - he knew that there had to be some connection between them, through Brooke or Caroline or something. Taylor told him that he was wrong, but Ridge persisted that he knew her - he then asked her if she was the Princess Laila. Taylor left the room when she thought that he might be getting too close, leaving a confused Ridge behind.

Wedding plans progressed - with Ridge in the hospital, Thorne asked Anthony to be his best man. Macy continued to worry about "Irv" when flowers arrived from him. Meanwhile, the police continued their investigation. Dylan discovered that Sly's real name was "Irving" - or Irv for short, and he pointed out that the Bikini had not been doing too well since Macy had left there - perhaps this was a revenge plot? Dylan informed Thorne and Macy, and the police went to question Sly. However, Sly had an alibi that cleared him of being the one who wrote the notes to Macy. Shortly after, Dylan stumbled onto something else - although she went professionally by just "Ivana", the model's full name was Ivana Richard Vandervelt - which meant her initials were IRV! He informed Thorne, and the police checked out Ivana's fingerprints, which matched ones on the first letter. While preparing for the wedding, Anthony was over at Thorne's office and noticed his letter opener, which Anthony took. Macy asked Ivana to be her maid of honor. Meanwhile, Anthony proposed to Ivana, a fact that she proudly proclaimed in front of the gang from Spectra at the Bikini. She left and returned to her apartment, where she found an angry Thorne waiting for her!