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May, 1995

Stephanie, still furious that Brooke did not return the stick in Forrester, began to question the presence of the volunteer in Ridge's life. She checked with the hospital and found out that the volunteer's story was a sham. Confronting the woman, Taylor revealed who she really was. Stephanie was pleased at first to learn that Taylor was alive and thought Ridge should be told right away. After Taylor told her about her marriage to Omar, Stephanie became furious. Calling Taylor a bigamist, Stephanie told her to stay out of their lives because of the betrayal. Taylor spoke to Omar, who was now in L.A., and considered returning to Morocco with him.

Ridge's bandages were removed and he began to regain his sight. He answered the door to his home and was stunned to see Taylor standing there. Ridge thought he was seeing a ghost, but Taylor assured him she was real. When they heard Brooke coming from upstairs, Ridge asked Taylor to leave, but he told her he would meet her later. He began to set up private meetings in the private dining room and at the pool, and she explained how she had stayed away to give him a chance at happiness. Ridge was touched until Omar confronted him and informed him that Taylor was the Princess Laila, his wife. Ridge asked Taylor if it was true and she confirmed it. Even though she stated that she did everything for Ridge's good, he could not accept it and walked off.

Stephanie overheard Mike Guthrie say something about a psychiatrist and suspected that he knew something about James. In the meantime, James had convinced Sheila to allow him some time upstairs in the main house, as opposed to the dungeon. Knowing Sheila was a friend of Mike's, Stephanie came over to Sheila's. Sheila quickly hid James before Stephanie could see her, but James tapped on a pipe to send a signal. He told Sheila he did it because she was in danger, but Sheila now believed Mike was right about James. Angry, she attacked him with a knife, but he turned the tables on her and locked her up in the dungeon. He then fetched Eric, Stephanie and Lt. Burke, who returned with him to the dungeon. When they got there, Sheila was gone - she had used the secrets of Houdini, found in his diaries, to master all his tricks. Sheila laid low at Mike's, planning her revenge, while Lauren told Eric everything about Sheila's past.

Sally placed Dylan in charge at Spectra in Anthony's absence; when Anthony learned of this, he was angry, but Sally reminded him she still had a business to run and Dylan was there to fill the gap. In the meantime, he continued to come on to Macy, telling her how she reminded him of his "dear departed Ivana." Thorne, in prison, got a new cellmate named Slash who was planning a prison break. Dylan continued snooping in Anthony's things, despite some misgivings from Sally, and found the paper that was used in the notes from "Irv". Dylan told Thorne what he had found. Thorne realized the danger Macy was in, since she was in Mexico with Anthony; he told Slash to count him in on the jailbreak - he had to get out to save Macy.