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November, 1995

Week of 10/30/95 - 11/3/95

James and Lauren have dinner together and they kiss. Maggie has trouble finding a job. Jessica gets Stephanie to hire Maggie as a housekeeper. Stephanie is happy, thinking that she might get back together with Eric. Rick wishes his father and Taylor would get together. Taylor calls Eric to tell him she left because she is afraid to hurt Stephanie who is her best friend. Eric and Rick are saddened. Rick finds out where Taylor is hiding and he takes a bus to Palm Springs to see her. Rick tells Taylor that she is the only one who can make his father happy. Taylor tells him it would be a mistake and that it is not possible. Brooke and Ridge worry about the missing Rick. Taylor calls Eric and tells him that Rick is with her and that she is sending him home. Shelia asks the doctor at the mental hospital if she could help out -- she is a nurse and could work as a nurse's aide. He agrees. The doctor and his nurse feel that Shelia is ready for parole. Stephanie meets with the doctor and his staff. Stephanie thinks that Shelia should stay committed in the hospital. The doctor brings Stephanie to see Shelia. Shelia tries to convince her that she has changed. Stephanie does not agree. One of the other inmates, protective of Shelia, attacks Stephanie and starts strangling her.

Week of 11/6/95 - 11/10/95

Michael notices a symbol on the bottom of the Spectra drawings that Dylan is working on and wonders what it is. Jessica explains to Sly that she feels different because of her diabetes and the injections she has to give herself. Sly tells her it makes her special and kisses her. Maggie starts working as Stephanie's housekeeper. Sarah is strangling Stephanie and Sheila's doctor manages to pull her off, thereby saving Stephanie's life. The doctor and the nurse think both Sarah and Sheila are responsible for the attack and inject them with a sedative. Stephanie tells them that Sheila saved her life. Rick tells Eric that he is the only one who could convince Taylor to come back. Eric calls Taylor, but she hangs up on him. Stephanie, eager to win Eric back, invites him to dinner, but he declines. Stephanie and Maggie bring dinner and set a romantic table at Eric's house. A depressed Eric comes home and is happily surprised by Stephanie and Maggie. Stephanie and Eric dance. Eric goes to his library to take a phone call. The doorbell rings and it is Sally, all dressed up to seduce Eric. Stephanie makes Sally leave without seeing Eric. Stephanie and Eric have dinner and dance again. Eric is a bit drunk and Stephanie asks if she can stay and sleep in his bed, nothing more. Eric gets in to the bed next to Stephanie. James goes to Taylor and he thinks that she has made a mistake running from Eric. Taylor does not want to hurt her dear friend Stephanie, who is still in love with Eric. James tries to convince her to do what is right for her and to go to Eric. Taylor finally realizes that she is not helping Stephanie by running away from Eric. She decides to go tell Eric that she loves him. She walks into his house and is devastated when she sees Eric and Stephanie in bed sleeping.

Week of 11/13/95 - 11/17/95

Darla is worried when Michael asks Jasmine what the identifying mark is at the bottom of the sketches Sally gave her. Michael talks to Ridge at a coffee house. She asks him about the mark on the sketch that he is working on and he tells her that it's the Forrester mark. Michael does not say anything. Darla calls Sally and tells her she just saw Michael shaking hands with Ridge. Brooke goes to Paris to talk to her parents about her wedding. Taylor tells James that she found Eric and Stephanie in bed together. They did not see her. She assumes that Eric got over her and has moved on to Stephanie. Eric pleads with Taylor to forget Stephanie and allow them to be happy together. Taylor says that she could not bear to hurt Stephanie. Stephanie tells Taylor she thinks she and Eric are getting back together. Dr. Brian Carey tells Sheila that he believes her rehabilitated and plans on convincing the parole board that she should be released. Lauren visits Sheila and does not believe her when Sheila tells her she repents for the awful things she did to her. Lauren and James discuss Sheila and they believe her to be dangerous. Sheila is attacked by two violent inmates. Someone comes before they can hurt her. She is scared and wants to get paroled.

Week of 11/20/95 - 11/24/95

Sally is worried that Michael will tell Ridge about seeing the Forrester mark on the designs. She offers Michael a job at Spectra. Michael thinks that's strange and asks for a few days to think about it. Michael tells Dylan and Connor what she suspects. Connor takes her to tell Eric that Spectra is stealing his designs. Eric is furious. Eric asks Sally to dinner at the Cafe Russe. Stephanie and Taylor are dining there and are stunned that Eric and Sally are having dinner together. Eric charms Sally. Stephanie is angry, then in tears when she sees Eric and Sally dancing cheek to cheek. Brooke is in Paris. Ridge asks Taylor if she would come to his wedding if she was invited. Taylor doubts that Brooke would invite her. Sheila tells Dr. Carey that some of the inmates are out to get her. He offers to put her in isolation, but she refuses, fearing that it would affect her chances at the parole hearing. Sheila cries when her parole hearing is postponed due to a letter from Stephanie. Sheila is attacked by two of the inmates. They leave Sheila beaten and bloodied. She blames Lauren and Stephanie for the attack.

Week of 11/27/95 - 12/1/95

Eric is dating Sally and he sends her roses. Sally is delighted and falling in love with Eric. Eric tells Lauren that Sally has been stealing his designs. He plans to get Sally to stop. Taylor comforts Stephanie and assures her that Eric must still love her and not Sally. Eric takes Sally to his Big Bear cabin for a wonderful evening. Darla thinks Sally will have to choose between Eric and copying his designs. Eric tells Taylor that he feels badly about using Sally, but he wants to stop her from stealing the Forrester designs. Ridge is taking a steam bath and Lauren comes in -- but Ridge assumes that it is Brooke. Lauren flirts with him and starts to give him a massage. Brooke walks in on them and is furious. Ridge tells Brooke that it was innocent. Brooke wants Lauren to stay away from Ridge. Sheila has been badly beaten up and fears for her life. Dr. James Warwick meets with the other doctors at the hospital to discuss Sheila's case. Dr. Carey believes that Sheila is rehabilitated. James thinks that Sheila has manipulated them. James and the doctors arrive in Sheila's cell and are shocked by her appearance. They are impressed by her attitude and by the devotion of her cellmates.