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October, 1995

Week of 10/2/95 - 10/6/95

At Forrester, Mike finds out he only has limited access to the building, but he has kept his old set of keys and can access the Forrester storage room. Jasmine and Dylan are stunned when Sally produces fabulous sketches and asks Jasmine to improve on them. Maggie refuses to see Dylan. She tells Stephanie that she has broken off with Dylan. Stephanie wants her to go back to Iowa, but Maggie decides to stay. Jessica demands that Dylan tell her who the other woman is. Michael steps in and says she is the woman Dylan is in love with. Dylan thanks Michael who tells him she is interested in him. Sly butters up Stephanie. Jerry shows up at Taylor's house with a pizza and wine. She makes him leave since she suspects he could be her prowler. Eric holds a family meeting to announce he wants to hire Taylor as staff psychiatrist. Brooke is against hiring Taylor. Ridge and Brooke worry that Eric is too alone. They decide to throw him a party and invite eligible women. Eric kisses Taylor. Taylor is flustered, but Eric is falling for her. Being in love with Taylor gives Eric great creativity. Taylor does not want to accept the job because Eric kissed her. Eric promises he will not make any romantic overtures and hopes she will reconsider his job offer.

Week of 10/9/95 - 10/13/95

Jessica tells Sly she's not ready to get involved. Maggie changes to a more Californian look. She's hurt when Dylan tells her he's becoming involved with Michael. Michael kisses Dylan and she is determined to pursue him. Stephanie fears that Sly might use Jessica to get involved with the Forresters. She thinks that Sly has an unnatural interest in Ridge and Taylor, and wonders if Sly could be Taylor's attacker. Sly sees dollar signs when he looks at Jessica. Dylan comes over to talk to Jessica and explodes when he sees her drinking beer. Jessica kisses Sly in front of Dylan and Michael. When Dylan threatens to have the Bikini Bar closed for serving beer to a minor, Sly reminds Dylan that he knows the woman Dylan was involved with was Maggie. Sly and Jessica go skinny-dipping at the Forrester's pool. She is uneasy when he kisses her. Macy and Sally discuss Sally's attraction to Eric. Mike, the security guard, photographs the latest Forrester sketches for Sally. Ridge invites Eric to a party he and Brooke are throwing to give Eric a chance to meet some new women. They discuss Rick's attitude. Connor tells Taylor that Rick came to see him about suing to get the court's permission to live with Eric. Taylor wants to stop Rick from considering a lawsuit. Eric asks Taylor to attend the party as his date. Taylor thinks it cause a huge scandal. Eric does not care and kisses Taylor. Stephanie tells Taylor she is still in love with Eric. Eric insists that Taylor be his date for the party. He kisses her and she responds.

Week of 10/16/95 - 10/20/95

After seeing Sly give beer to Jessica, Dylan worries when she is out with Sly. At the Forrester pool, Sly suggests that they go skinny dipping. Jessica strips down to her underwear. They hear Stephanie approaching and they hide. Sly wants to make love to her, but she says no and runs off. Jasmine makes some small changes to the sketches. She does not understand why Sally wants her to tamper with the gorgeous sketches. Taylor tells Eric she cannot go to the party as his date and wear the beautiful gown because is would hurt too many people. He kisses her and she responds. Ridge, Brooke, Rick, and Lauren are ready for the guests. James escorts Stephanie to the party, and Connor brings Maggie who is a success among the glittering guests. Sally crashes the Forrester party. Lauren tells James she is going to live in Los Angeles for a while, and he wants to date her. Eric makes a speech announcing the entrance of the star attraction of his work and his life. He expects Taylor to walk in wearing his beautiful gown. Eric is shocked when Samantha enters wearing the gown he made for Taylor. Eric asks Samantha what happened to Taylor and she hands him a letter from Taylor. Eric stays on the terrace, reading Taylor's letter. Taylor feels that their relationship is happening too fast and she is going away for a while to think it out. Eric is upset by the letter.

Week of 10/23/95 - 10/27/95

Sally crashes the Forrester ball. James and Lauren decide to go out together soon. Maggie is looking for a job and worries about Sly spending so much time with Jessica. Stephanie's housekeeper needs some time off to look after a sick relative. James and Lauren go out on a date. Eric is shocked when Samantha enters wearing his show-stopper gown when he is expecting Taylor. Eric questions Samantha and she hands him a letter from Taylor. The letter explains that Taylor feels their relationship is happening too fast and she needs to go away to think. Eric is very depressed. Rick wonders why his father is sad and why Taylor is not at the ball. Eric decides not to let Taylor ruin the evening and he does a wild dance with Sally and drinks. Stephanie notices that there is something wrong and assures Eric of her love and support. Ridge and Brooke wonder if Eric went home with one of the lovely women at the ball. Eric wakes up with Stephanie and he does not remember going home with her. Brooke and Ridge make love in the steam room. Eric's attorney needs Shelia's signature on the divorce papers. Eric, his lawyer and Stephanie go to Shelia's doctor at the hospital. Sheila signs the papers and apologizes to them for the pain she caused them. Eric is moved, but Stephanie does not trust Shelia.