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September, 1995

Week of 9/4/95 - 9/8/95

After Macy's miraculous singing, the wedding reception begins. Taylor and Brooke trade barbs while commenting on what a lovely bride Macy is. Jessica seems to be drinking a lot of juice, which has Maggie concerned. Out on the beach, CJ taunts Eric Jr about how Ridge, his brother, acts more like his father; Eric Jr retorts that CJ is jealous because he doesn't have a father. Dylan watches as Maggie and Jessica pose for a photo; Michael notices, but she is interrupted by Jasmine. Eric Jr and CJ get into a fight on the beach. Stephanie accuses Brooke of showing off her family in an attempt to grandstand, and to gloss over Eric Jr's problems. Ridge dances with Taylor and admits she still thinks about him when he compliments her on her outfit (which he designed). Stephanie watches - Sly comes up to her and notes how Stephanie hopes Ridge and Taylor will get back together. Sly assures her they will since Stephanie is a good person and good people get what is coming to them. Thorne and Macy go off on their honeymoon, and Jessica catches the bouquet. Sally makes a speech about unity - but they are interrupted when they learn that Eric Jr and CJ got into a fight. Brooke, Ridge, Darla and Sally rush out to the beach at the news (from CJ) that Eric Jr is in the sand. James tries to keep Taylor away, but she bumps into Ridge - Ridge asks her to keep his parents calm. Taylor tries to calm Stephanie down, but Stephanie wants to get her two cents in. Sally and Brooke exchange words about whose son is to blame; Eric takes Eric Jr home with him while Stephanie tears into Brooke about what a bad mother she is. Dylan tries to get Jessica (who is still drinking a lot of orange juice) aside, and finally manages to get her alone; when they go out on the beach, Jessica collapses. After the wedding, Stephanie comes to see Ridge, and again comes down on Brooke to her son. Ridge tells her to lay off, but Stephanie asks him to at least talk to Taylor about getting Eric Jr. into therapy. Jessica is rushed to the hospital after collapsing on the beach, and Dylan and Maggie anxiously wait for any news. Taylor tells James she is worried about Eric Jr. but James thinks she is just using that as a reason to be involved with Ridge again. Taylor prepares for bed and gets another visit from the masked intruder, who seems to know quite a bit about Dr. Forrester, including the fact that she was at the wedding. As he says Taylor needs a man like him, Ridge arrives and struggles with the intruder. The intruder escapes and Ridge wants to call the police, but Taylor asks that Ridge just hold her. Meanwhile, the intruder looks on.

Week of 9/11/95 - 9/15/95

Jasmine is pleased to work at Spectra, having no idea that Sally plans to steal designs from other designers. Mike Guthrie, the Forester ex-security guard, applies for a job with Sally. After the police leave, Ridge comforts Taylor who is very shaken by her encounter with the intruder. Jerry leaves a message on Taylor's machine inviting her to dinner. Could he be the intruder? Ridge asks Taylor's advice about Eric Jr. Taylor tells Ridge he should marry Brooke if he loves her, not for the kids sake. They embrace. Brooke sees them and makes a big scene. Eric Jr. would like to see Eric and Brooke marry again so they could be a normal family. Eric and Ridge argue about Eric Jr., now called Rick. Brooke designs her wedding gown and decides never to speak to Taylor again. Stephanie is angry when she learns that Dylan and Maggie are in love. Connor explains that Maggie and Dylan did not plan to fall in love, it just happened, but Stephanie is still furious. Michael kisses Dylan who did not know she had feelings for him. Jessica has juvenile diabetes. The doctor explains that Jessica can lead a normal life, but she will have to learn to give herself shots of insulin, and with a program of diet and exercise, she will do well. At the beginning she will need a lot of support from family and friends and must not be upset. Maggie and Dylan realize that means they cannot tell Jessica that they are in love.

Week of 9/18/95 - 9/22/95

Michael tells Jasmine she kissed Dylan. Dylan and Maggie are still trying to deal with Jessica's diabetes. Maggie refuses to accept Dylan's engagement ring. Taylor tells Ridge that Rick, (Eric Jr.), is unhappy about Ridge and Brooke marrying. Rick tells Stephanie that Ridge and Taylor should still be married. Ridge orders Rick to stay when Rick tries to leave so he won't have to listen to Ridge. Brooke thinks that Stephanie's meddling and manipulations are the cause of the problems between Ridge and Rick. Rick blames Ridge for busting up his parents marriage. Ridge wonders if he should move out until he can remarry Brooke. Brooke fears Ridge will not come back if he moves out now. Eric and Taylor have dinner together and talk about their problems. Sally refuses to hire Mike, the ex Forrester security guard. Macy is married to Thorne and she will not steal from family and she is friends with Stephanie. She invites Stephanie to lunch and Stephanie turns her down. Stephanie takes Rick to the cafe for lunch. Sally takes C.J. there as well and sees them. Sally wants to join them, and is hurt when Stephanie says no. Stephanie tells Rick not to let C.J. bother him. She explains that C.J. is jealous of Rick because he has two men who want to be his father and C.J. has no father. Sally tells C.J. that the Forresters are family since Macy married Thorne. Sally approaches Stephanie and Rick's table and wants to have dessert with them. Stephanie tells Sally that she is still in deep conversation with Rick and besides she does not want to have dessert with Sally. Sally insists and Stephanie and Rick start to leave. C.J. flicks a spoonful of chocolate mousse at Rick. Rick dumps a bowl of it on C.J.'s head. Sally is fuming and decides to hire Mike to help steal designs from the Forresters.

Week of 9/25/95 - 9/29/95

Mike assures Sally that he will get Eric to hire him back. Eric and Taylor have coffee together at the coffee house. Mike waits outside looking scruffy. When Eric comes out, he asks him for spare change. Eric has no sympathy for him after what he has done. Mike has arranged for a friend to pretend to attack Eric with a switchblade. Mike "saves" Eric. Eric thanks Mike and gives him some cash. Mike begs Eric for a job, and Eric finally agrees to rehire him as a security guard. Stephanie wants Maggie to move back to Iowa and leave Jessica alone. Maggie wants to look after Jessica and help her deal with her diabetes. Connor is in love with Maggie. Dylan decides to write a letter to Jessica telling her that he does not love her, but loves another woman. Stephanie and Maggie bring Jessica home from the hospital. Jessica is devastated when she reads the letter and wants to find out who the other woman is. Stephanie tells Ridge he should move out of the house until he marries Brooke. Brooke tries to make Rick understand that she will not get back with Eric. Rick is disappointed that his parents won't get back together, and he wants Ridge to move out. Ridge tells Rick that he is staying. He feels married to Brooke, they are a family and that they should stay together. Brooke is pleased and Rick is unhappy. He wants to move in with Eric, but Ridge and Brooke will not let him. Rick consults Connor as to his legal rights to move in with his father. Eric is becoming attracted to Taylor. The Forrester sewing department complains to Eric of excessive stress on the job. Eric wants to hire Taylor to counsel the staff. Taylor is afraid to accept because Brooke would be furious. Eric tells Brooke, who gets very angry.