Responsive Web Design

Web Site Construction

This web site uses responsive web design to deliver selected content and navigation based on the requesting device type and its orientation. This web site in itself is an additional example of portfolio of works. The site has been constructed using both a 16 grid and a 12 grid container systems and uses media queries to render mobile and desktop content for best user experience. The site was build using both the Bootstrap and Skeleton framework CSS systems, and has 'hand coded' HTML5 / CSS3, and includes JavaScript and JavaScript libraries including jQuery for features and functionalities.

This site had two JavaScript Motorsports Web applications, which have now been converted into an iOS App. The web applications demonstrated responsive web design by presenting selected content based on the lanscape or portrait orientation of the mobile device. Both these applications also support offline mode, by setting up AppCache (offline application caching) through the use of a manifest file, which allows one to setup a local copy of the application on a mobile device for when there is no Internet connection. iPad and iPhone user, while while displaying the application in Safari select the share icon then select Add to Home Screen.

In addition to the JavaScript Web applications, this site has also been coded with JavaScript libraries including jQuery plugins including; Flexslider, Lazyload, Slicknav, and Superfish.

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