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The Class of 1960
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CLASS OF 1960 -

The student population in September 1956 was 3300; by 1959 it was "the biggest ever--4,256." The senior class "had the biggest list of potential graduates--a whopping 935."

1960 Senior Class Officers: Our Junior Class Officers (1959):
President Dave CarrPresident Thomas Burke
Vice PresidentBrian BaumrukVice PresidentTom Hinkey
2nd Vice PresidentMark Speyer2nd Vice PresidentJoe Hawkins
TreasurerTerrie KopacTreasurerCarol Pajak
Assistant TreasurerMari Lou McCannAssistant TreasurerPaula Powers
SecretaryDiane RhodesSecretary Terrie Kopac
Assistant SecretaryPaula PowersAssistant SecretaryAlice Pala


As Sophomores (1958) we elected: And, Our Freshman Class Officers (1957):
PresidentBob FarrPresidentTom Hinkey
Vice PresidentDave CordesVice PresidentJohn Adler
TreasurerTom HinkeyTreasurerGuy Godman
Assistant TreasurerTerrie KopacAssistant TreasurerDonna Pettit
SecretaryJoe HawkinsSecretaryJoan Wolf
Assistant SecretaryBonnie WillingAssistant SecretaryTerrie Kopac

The Senior Class of 1960, Thornton Township High School, Harvey, Illinois



Well, we did it! We celebrated the 50 years since graduating from high school, and all our accomplishments since then! When you read through the book put together by the Reunion Committee, you learn what our classmates have been up to since 1960, and cannot help but be impressed by all the accomplishments and by the way we all seem to have grown up okay and survived in a world that has seen more changes in our lifetime than in any other era. We have survived all that life has thrown at us, and in many cases that has been a lot!

Many, many kudos go to Eunice Weinstock Scott for all the work she has done to keep these reunions happening. And, to the reunion committee, many, many thanks for the work you have done and the support you have given Eunice.

A message from Eunice:
"Well, the party is over but our memories of the evening will live on forever! The committee hopes everyone had a joyous evening with friends and renewed old acquaintances with all the other classmates that were there. We hope that those who have never come to a reunion found the gift of friendship that they had missed over the years. I am sure we will do other reunions in the future, but I have to get over this one first. They won't be as large or as planned. More casual!"

Eunice will recover then the reunion committee will be tasked with putting together another event! There was some talk of celebrating our 70th birthdays with some type of outing - perhaps another cruise (mentioned was a Mississippi River boat cruise). Send your thoughts and ideas to Eunice and/or Bill and let the committee know what you would like to do and whether or not you are able to help with the planning.
Eunice Weinstock Scott Bill Lange
219-365-9739 630-420-7070

TTHS Reunion Committee - 1960
c/o Eunice Weinstock Scott
11732 W. 105th St
St. John, Indiana 46373

Photos from the Reunion, September 2010

The reunion committee:
Pat Altavilla Adducci815-939-0591 MariLou McCann 708-906-3820
Joyce Arcus Fields708-862-3485 Sharon Patten Swanson708-747-1442
Dorothy Eisner Tishey219-696-7992 Charlotte Smith Sampagnaro708-946-0088
Jackie Forbes Ore 708-895-2883 Bill Stokes708-755-4349
Sandra Goding DeGraff708-339-2738 Susan Stood 715-256-0783
Sylvia Harper Nelson206-842-4978 Jeanette Voegerl Cobb815-932-0883
Ron Konkol708-798-0740 Eunice Weinstock Scott219-365-9739
Bill Lange630-420-7075 Joan Wolf Melling 708-957-3412

THE REUNION COMMITTEE IS STILL TRYING TO FIND AS MANY OF OUR CLASSMATES AS POSSIBLE. For a list of these missing folks, see the Class of 1960 page. The names in this color are the missing wildcats. If you have information about any of them, please contact someone on the reunion committee.


Your first day at Thornton
Smoking in the washrooms
Cleats on your shoes
The Prom and the Dunes
Friday night football games
Food in the cafeteria and last lunch
The Lincoln Statue
Crew neck sweaters and hoop skirts
Crew cuts, duck tails, ponytails
Voting on class rings
The "shift system"
Lina Bellosillo
Friends who went to Homewood-Flossmoor High School
Going steady
-- Boys' Club pins, angora on rings
Locker partners
Hall guards
High school sweaters, Letterman's jackets
The "T" bench
The Thorntoneers
Horn-rimmed glasses
Louart's, Joe's Music Shop, Mark's Toggery
Girls' Club Dance, Freshman Stand-Up
Hall guards and hall passes
Dr. Logsdon
PurplelettesHarvey HoofersCheerleading tryoutsKey Club, Letterman's Club, Footlighters, GAA, KIP
Waiting in line at the bookstorePep rallies and Pep Club"T" pinsMr. Beier
Dog 'n' SudsGateley's Peoples StoreHomecoming parade and danceMadrigals, mixed chorus, glee club
Variety Show and Gym JamsAlvin and the Chipmunks on roller skatesThe stamp for the PX -- the circle dance at the PX
Yearbooks -- signed by all your friendsGraduation pictures, caps and gownsGraduation daySaying good-bye to your friends

Past reunions -- the 10th, the 20th, the 25th, the 30th, the Nifty Fifty cruise, the 35th, the 40th, the 45th...
Dreams, Memories, Friends...They last a lifetime...



Many years have passed, but not without the fondest memories of these our classmates...

Bouquet of white flowers
Dorothy Allison Casimere (1998)
James Anderson(12/01)
Jean Anderson Monsma (03/08)
Peter Anderson (03/01)
Bobbie Atkins (2008)
Robert W. Bates, Jr.
Sharon Baumgartner Turina (12/93)
Richard Bednar (2002)
Michael J. Behrens (1981)
David Bell(10/10)
Bonnie Berry Johnston (05/07)
Allen Binder (6/08)
Diane Birkenfeld Wilourn (1990)
Susan Blessing McConnell (05/2011)
Chuck Brewer (11/07)
Judy Bronecke
Kenneth A. Brown
John Armond Brucker (2000)
Darlene Bult VanDerAa (1996)
Thomas Burke (01/05)
Delmar Calgaro (03/02)
Frank Carlson (11/00)
Paricia Charlton Rucks
Dolores Childress Dickens (09/08)
Mimi Cienkus (12/06)
Lafayette Clark (2004)
William Collings (04/01)
William Cypress (1999)
Ray Davis (01/09)
Joanne Davros
Robert DeGroot (2003)
Marcy DeYoung Moeller (02/09)
Louis Durnavich (10/09)
Elenora Edmondson Beckman (2001)
Joyce Eldridge (01/09)
Jeri Lynn Engh Sieben
Barbara Enright
Loren Fleck (11/06)
Richard Fray (08/94)
Dennis Gawlik (1990)
Kathleen Gettler (1997)
Edward C. Goetz
Lois Goodrich Smola (2007)
Robert Graves
Joan Griffiths Wasko Carlson (03/08)
Leonard Grotenhuis (09/10)
Gerald S. Gruszczyk (1988)
Susan Grzywinski Girnus (05/08)
Janice Gwiazda Spindler (12/07)
James W. Hansen
Judy Hargesheimer Miller (03/08)
Judy Harshbarger Triezenberg (2003)
Joe Hawkins (04/99)
Jack Hayes (09/02)
Sandra Hecim (12/97)
Gayle Hein
Ted Hoekstra (7/09)
Jesse Lee Hoover (1992)
Paul Howe (1998)
Bob Huber
Fred Hunter (11/06)
Barbara Jarecki (10/87)
Craig Jeffery (01/2012)
Tom Johnson (06/07)
William Johnson
Bernard Kaminski (08/03)
Carol Kamykowski Milligan
Shelby Dean Kemp
Robert J. Kern (1997)
Judy Kettering Kramer (12/05)
Kathy Kiel Cihak (05/09)
Janet Kipley Napoli (12/90)
Ronald J. Klein (09/08)
Carolyn Kleinfelder McBeth (001/2012)
Janice Kossett Hargrove (12/1994)
Sharon Krantz Tetreault (07/2000)
Thomas A. Krueger (1996)
Delores Kuta Peterson (01/04)
Ted Lake (1998)
Robert Lakomy (2002)
Paul Lea III (09/04)
Walter Stephen Letzsch (1988)
Judy Lewis Friberg (12/05)
William L. Liestman
Edward J. Liszka
Nancy Liszka Smith
Karen Maddalozzo Voris
Richard Mager (02/05)
Dennis R. Marshall
Sharon Mason Wallenberg (07/03)
Ray Maurer (12/2011)
Nona Mae McCullar
MaryAnn McLean Lake (02/08)
Robert Charles Meyer (1991)
Carol Miller Hartwell (1996)
Fisher Mines
Rodger A. Morse (04/05)
Donald Munter (02/99)
Richard G. Murphy
Ron Nieckula (08/01)
Verna Nielsen Behrens (09/06)
Betty Niemann Mugg (03/92)
Patrick O'Connor 10/07
Roger S. O'Connor (1997)
Doreen M.Oldaker (2003)
Klem Osika (06/04)
JoAnn Pajor Turngren (1998)
Alice Pala Pavelin (1998)
Donna Pettit Fickett (09/98)
Doc Phillips (09/00)
Forrest Poindexter (1997)
George Polo (03/02)
Susan Pond Rothert (2007)
Laurie Quinn Richardson
Peter Rauen (09/97)
Donald A. Rehberg (2004)
Frances Reilly Crnek
Leona Reynolds
Robert F. Ring
Patrick Roach
Judy Robbins (1990)
Louis M. Rockett (02/89)
Thomas Rodgers (2007)
John C. Rogers (07/07)
Bernard Rosebrough Cole(2008)
Fran Sarna Bolchis
Dennis Satterblom (05/04)
Lee Saunders (1998)
Karen Schmidt Cogswell (06/85)
Stewart Scobbie (01/85)
Donald Sebock (11/08)
Ed Selk
Robert K. Selvig (04/97)
Jim G. Shelby (2002)
Paul Sinwelski (11/02)
Dolphus Smith (02/09)
Patricia Smith Watts
Ralph Parker Smith (08/94)
Patricia Stosek Zydek (04/08)
Martha Sudkamp Sohovich (11/07)
Georgia Sundberg (03/06)
Bernard Swets
Gail Tenz Curtiss(04/04)
Lowell H. Thomas (2005)
Bernice Turner Lee
John Van Der Heiden(10/10)
Carole Van Kooten Krause
Donald G. Wagner (09/93)
Margaret Walker (09/92)
William R. Walton III (07/95)
William Wasko
Jim Wilken (2008)
Jean Winterringer Petrey
Ken Wishba (08/97)
Patricia Wismer
Dennis Wyma (07/00)
August Ziemann (1977)
Sharon Zimmerman

We remember:
--the smile
--the frown
--the quizzical look
--the love
--the courage
--the hurt
--the sorrow
--the significant moments
--the fun times
--the searching times
--the moments of risk
--the great time of affirmation
As long as we live.