...TO MY WEB SITE dedicated to my hobbies -- genealogy, and gardening -- and a search for the
TTHS Class of 1960.

When I was in the fifth grade I had to do a report on my family tree. That started my interest in genealogy, but I did not pursue it...preferring instead to pursue more "frivolous" activities! Ahem! A few years ago, with the inspiration and help of a very good friend, and the help of the WubbaWubbaWubba, I returned to genealogy. Now, my online friends wonder where I have gone and my realspace friends wonder where I have gone. Only my very good friend and the hundreds of genealogists I have met via the Web understand where I've gone! It's a passion, right up there with gardening. Check out my research.

I am also involved with the Reunion Committee in the search for classmates from the Thornton Township High School class of 1960, as we prepare for our 50-year reunion in September 2010.

Write to me at shn1@ix.netcom.com

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