How the West Side is Won

Somewhat north of the pencil-necked geek is a most curious place inhabited by a local sign painter who someday should peddle his wares on the 'net. Claiming freedom of speech, he provides full expression to every kind of intolerant xxx-o-phobia you can imagine. Pity I can't show anything but the frames and trees and windows. What creativity...what offense. But you can't turn your head on cleverness such as:

Creepy critters, a tree decorated like a hand...fat bears in bikinis...hmmm...

And just a bit further north, a completely inexplicable image (probably from the same sign painter)...have I found the very heart of the region?

For years, this dude has been overseeing the Cleveland Zoo down in the valley beneath the Brooklyn Bridge (no, not the famous one...perhaps the second most famous one, though!).

By now, however, we are approaching I-71 and Scranton, and our descent to the flats. One can get to downtown via the freeway. However, if this journey must be completed in a single calendar day, one must use the flats!

(See the Flats!)

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