On arrive...

On our way, we pass the most curious public sculpture in existence...the infamous FREE stamp. A giant, ostensibly working, rubber stamp (in red) to stamp documents the size of which might make a bureaucrat salivate. But there is a more impressive piece of sculpture, right in front of the car...an official Cleveland Orange Barrel. This is the official flower of the area. In order to impede highway traffic at maximum expense, the Ohio Department of Transportation plants several gigabarrels to ensure that no one travels here without hindrance. Up they go in April. Down they come with the first crippling snowfall. Even the accursed Ohio Department of Transportation cannot equal Mother Nature's ability to make the simplest human endeavors an impossibility...they let the lady play through until Spring, when she can take a rest. With full assurance that ODOT is capably doing her job in nicer weather.

Turn a corner or two, and we arrive at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, a pink marble monument to monetary policy. In fact, the background of this very page is a digitized segment of the very pink marble itself, captured through the advanced check-writing skills of the Sultan of Consultin' himself (those checks having been tendered to various hardware vendors). "Da Fed" as it is often called in these parts, is undergoing a complete renovation, including the construction of a new Operations Center next door:

The side of a Buddhist Temple? No, just the pink marble louvres of the new Op Center's parking floors!

The original Fed (now partially sandblasted to a rosy hue). Note the three story connecting link to the adjacent Op Center, covered with green plastic to prevent asbestos (among other things...it is a bank, you know) from leaking out.

And this is it. The end of the journey. There, I have taken you to work with me. Tomorrow, it will be your turn to drive!

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