Chagrin Falls, Ohio

In the 44 years I have lived in northeastern Ohio, I can say almost assuredly I have spent the full "month of Sundays" in this town. Usually, as I recall, for the caramel corn, ice cream, and antiques. Or stopping to see the falls on the way to a Burton syrup-do, or just a mission to determine the quality of the leaf coloration each fall. No doubt part of the Connecticut Western Reserve, this little New England-rip had tons of nice shops and foot traffic to view what goes in these parts as a major water fall! Bear in mind that Ohio is relatively flat and dry when you silently calculate the magnificence of these falls in your own mind (your results may vary from ours):

Chagrin Falls, the mighty white-water rapids churning violently at a height of about 50 feet.

A prettier sight framed by a sturdy bridge makes Chagrin Falls look just like your iconic New England mill-town, and it is locally cherished just that way!
We have here, just to the south of Parma, another well-preserved town chock full of antique shops, and for some reason overshadowed by its better-known neighbors. It should be a more popular Sunday destination than it is...

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