Elyria, Ohio

Often overshadowed by its bigger neighbor, Lorain, Elyria (much to my surprise) appears to have had moments of glory whenever the show hit there first, coming from the West. I would imagine the advantage was brief, but important. A trip here was somewhat more of an adventure, being more infrequent, and quite possibly encountering lesser travelled roads. So notable, that it demanded a photograph to be taken along the way:

On the road to Elyria, my brother poses for posterity. Don't be late for showtime!

A picture of the Elyria monument is an absolute must. Even I use this landmark to guide me to the western parts!
Cooling their heels in the square on a nice sunny day (waiting for the show to open?)

Another view of the square
The target...the Lincoln theater. I'm not sure, but I think you can see Tokyo Rose tonight on the American Movie Classics Channel (maybe around 3 A.M.) if you don't own a Time Machine, that is. I had heard my folks speak of going to Akron to see the new movies before they got to Cleveland...but I must admit I did not know Elyria was another secret of the cognescenti when it came to scooping the celluloid!
Now we need to consider...what to do around town if there was NO new movie. For that exquisite Sunday outing...

Come along to Chagrin Falls!

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