Kinsman, Ohio

Here's a little town which housed the legendary Kinsman Inn. I'm only familiar with it being an eating establishment worth the 75 mile drive to the east of Cleveland. Why, this was a positive adventure before the interstate. It was almost on the Pennsylvania line. Imagine how magnificent it would be to travel to another state (or very nearly) just for a late lunch!

Kinsman Inn...a nice big ole' house you entered starving and exited...full of sticky-buns...and while you were there, apparently, the town's fire equipment was worth making a photographic record...

A magnificent vintage fire truck

Bales of buckets for the likely bucket brigade

Now, gentle browsers, turn off your post-war mode...we go back further and further in time, in no particular order, to show you where the best "One-tank trips" were made when it took all day to drive 50 or 60 miles!

Zig-Zag to the West again

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