Old Parma Pictures
Parma Day, 1934
This celebration has been going on for as long as I can remember.  I was born here in 1949, spent the first 3 years in St. Louis, and then moved back into this house where I have mouldered (as of 2000) for 47 years.  I do believe that there wasn't much Parma back in 1934, but they sure had a good time on Parma Day!

My mom at 18, in front of City Hall.  Browsers, help me out here?  Is this the same city hall that is across from Parmatown now?  Looks like Parma Heights City Hall to me.  Please don't yell at me!

I think this was some kind of baby carriage race.  A mere 66 years later, and we have HBO, so it is not necessary to do these kinds of things for fun any more!

Pearl and Brookpark

Still anchoring the corner, Axelrod Pontiac remains to this day.  Here's a shot from around 1956, when Pontiacs were cars, and GM was THE builder of cars.  Take a look at these beauties.  What would they be worth today, if in the same condition!  Who sings the praises of the Hydramatic Transmission today?  Right next door to the dealership was a genuine flying Pegasus bearing Mobil Oil station.  A little further down, east of Pearl, you can see there was a Nash dealer.  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of Giant Tiger just a little further down (where the auto parts store is today).

Another view, this time concentrating on the beauty of the automobiles themselves.  Ah, though Pontiacs were always a swell car, I must admit, I preferred Buicks.  Still, I have never wavered from GM!


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