Journal of Phrenology

Now here's a chap with whom I couldn't agree more!

This tome, which dates back to the end of the 19th century, was something like the New Yorker magazine of its day.  There was a mixture of liberal politics, straight-laced Protestantism, a bit of science, geology, and social studies, all heavily laden with pseudo-scientific references as to the size and shape of the discutants heads.  The general format was to display a famous person on the front page, and then say..."Now here's the mayor of NY, a man with an enormous head for someone of his stature" and then go right into contemporary political vituperation.  Now then, heads from the less well-explored regions of our planet were featured in articles which of course concluded what nice heads Western Man had (by comparison).  And of course, the clergy of the day had the best heads of all, better than European royalty.  A few samples:

In case you were ever wondering, this is the governor of Lamoo, in Zanzibar.  Now there's a head to examine!

Two unusual, headless, round engravings.  One of a shipwreck, another of an ancient Mexican calendar containing all the symbols for the days of a month.  Say, how about we make a date for lunch on Puffed Up Lady of next month?  Or, I can't possibly deliver that to you until Lizard.  Or, all payments due before Snake?

Dale Carnegie, foo!  Why, just by looking at your lips, Phrenologists could tell everything they needed to know about you.  Here's part of the little wallet card they would carry:

And because the Phrenologists believed that man sprang up from the animal world, if you looked at all like an animal, you were to have the same personality characteristics.  Hence, mesdames et messieurs, Herren und Damen, Senors y Senoritas, I present to you the original Cat Woman:

In my role as Sultan of Consultin', heres the house I always dreamed of.  I would go ahead and build it, but those Parma Building Inspectors are a tough lot...

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