The Unknown Wozny's of Ambridge

Note to browsers: Formerly this very page once indicated that the pictures and people here were of the Houtzdale, Pa, area. But the Sultan must have been puffing on his hookah a bit too hard the day he slapped this page together. Indeed, modern science and particularly attention to detail have revealed that these pictures are of Ambridge, Pa, some one hundred miles southwest of Houtzdale. And as you will soon find, it really isn't Houtzdale as much as Whiteside/Morann (just outside the town a spell). Notwithstanding, these pictures still remain a mystery because they portray a number of my great aunts and uncles, and cousins, who are Woznys. Or some of them could be Terpkos (of Jeannette, Pa). Ambridge and Jeannette are fairly close, maybe 50 miles, so my dad could have shot these pictures in either place; I wouldn't know, darn it, by the notes on the negatives!

Yet...there is a striking resemblance of a few of the people below to my Houtzdale-area relatives (Grandma's sisters and nieces/nephews). I can't say for sure; it seems unlikely that both halves of the family would have ever gotten together at once, being separated by quite a bit, but what do I know?

My father's people were allegedly Polish immigrants (?), but my father was raised to speak only English. For wont of a common tongue, these relatives are lost to me one alive today remembers their names due to the conversations at these gatherings always being in Polish:

Grampa and gramma Wozny and the Ksiaseks (godparent's of Great Uncle Frank's kids)

(L to R)...???...Gramma Wozny (nee Oszczypko) mom...and the rest...(???) Leaning on my gramma Wozny is a woman that looks like great aunt Christine Trojanowski's daughter, Sophie (Sue)...or is it?

Great Uncle Frank, Great Aunt Rose, Unknown Wozny, Mrs. Ksiasek, Frank and Rose's daughter Ethel

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