Halloween 1996 vs. the Monkey Man

(I think this kid can play the next Dr. No in this outfit!)
Come with me into my parlor, Mr. Bond, and we will have Kit Kat Bars while my
minions prepare to defeat the major powers. Please do not shake my hand. A result
of an unfortunate domestic accident involving the prior candy bar! Utterly painless now
but a hideous reminder of the power of chocolate. I will have my valet cover it
while we dine; I do so often forget the effect of this sight on others!

No, Mr. Bond! Your tricks are useless here!
Do not waste my time with your adolescent antics
whilst this remarkable Kit Kat Bar melts!

Oh, Mr. Bond, it is such a shame that the time to savor your sense of humor is so limited!

Do forgive me, James, but we must end this pleasantry at once. Telemetry indicates
that the missile is now within range and as much as I would like to spend the
rest of the evening philosophizing with you,
I am sure you will understand that I must now leave.
Please enjoy the remainder of the Kit Kat bars, and when you have finished, my
guards will dispose of both you and the wrappers.
And leave the Reese's Pieces ALONE!