A Few Irreverent References to the Sultanate

This is the only picture of a Fez I could find on the Web

I cannot add anything to it at all. Who is Doug Mulray? Unfortunately his website closed down. He's an extremely clever Australian comic with a popular TV show. This is according to his former web page which was on some university server. Apparently the appearance police walked in with their jack boots, and now it's gone. Some really funny MPEG audio clips from his show, including Deodora Shoe, Pussy Chinese Restaurant are now lost to the web crawlers. But not to me....just E mail and I will send them to you (you've got to have the XING MPG audio player, though).

The Sultan of Consultin' (your ever attendant webmeister) enjoys world music. Check out my favorite band:  3MUSTAPHAS3.  Musicians of many Fez's, as it turns out.

For the complete history and current trends in Fez ware (a fashion burden all Sultans must bear!) do check out the World Wide Fez Page!

And life would not be complete without the famous Akhbar and Jeff cartoon strip known as Life In Hell (two twins that wear Fez's, ponder the meaning of relationships, and are drawn by the Simpson's creator Matt Groening). Unfortunately, this website has closed down, too. Where or where can trivia find a permanent home if not here in cyberspace. Why people won't pay $20 a month for eternal web space to house an archive of irreverent humor, is a complete mystery to me(?).

There you are, one Sultan of Consultin', an Australian comic, 3 or more Mustaphas, and a set of twins.  At least six more people than you knew before that wear a Fez.  Aren't you glad you browsed in now?

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