An Integrated Theory of Everything

One overlooked aspect of Mandelbrot's fractal work concerns the fact that the dark area of the Mandelbrot Set has a continuous outline.  The dark area, though no one knows precisely what shape it has (except through the approximate mappings we all see nowadays) would hold water.

In addition, Mandelbrot proved that the Mandelbrot set included all the Julia Sets.  The rough interpretation of that is that if you went about to calculate all the Julia Sets, you could draw them inside the black lake.

Life is simply a fractal process, fully connected with the first progenitors.  Imagine the original beings being at the base of a tree.  Time moves along as the tree grows.  Branches form upon branches...some ending shorter than others.  However, each is connected to the other forming a link across time.

Consider modern data compression techniques.  Particularly, consider fractal image compression, which uses iterated function sets to generate an image.  Starting from a basic set of a few hundred bytes of seed values, incredibly complex images can be reproduced by pure computation.  DNA is the genetic seed code, a compressed message, that when expanded over time produces a complete being.

Time is simply the rate at which the decompression occurs, and is a constant for everyone.  It can neither be accelerated or retarded, because all beings capable of recognizing its passing develop at the same rate.  Since they are all in the same frame of reference, they would all experience the acceleration or deceleration equally.  Hence, time travel in one sense is impossible.

However, with the mapping of the human genome nearly complete, it ought to be feasible to accurately predict the future by decompressing the DNA message by computer. Similarly, by regressing the calculation, it should be possible to accurately observe the past.

The human body is built upon a network of conductive tissue encased in the spinal column. From our erect walking position, we are all on the order of just under two meters high, give or take.  The structure of the spinal column resembles a well-tuned multi-element Yagi or log-periodic antenna.  If it was an amateur radio transmitting/receiving antenna, it would be likely to resonate in the 2-meter (approximately 144 Mhz) band.

The human brain, it will be found, is theoretically too small to contain the knowledge we obtain in our seventy or so year journey on this planet.  Too small to contain even enough data to enable our initial survival.  The required data is simply downloaded from a single source in the universe as it is needed, utilizing a wide-band transmission scheme that operates in this 2-meter band.

Information also travels backward in time directly through the backward link to our progenitors, or forward, as needed.  Indeed, the purpose of life is to observe and relay the observations back to the master database maintained by our progenitors, who probably created these species in order to explore the universe.  Finally, the entire tree acts as a fully-connected, feed-forward Neural Network that is continuously self-improving.

This fully explains Jung's concept of cognitive reality, wherein a scientific discovery made in one place is quickly or almost simultaneously made at various other spots on the globe.  New knowledge is broadcast in the 2-meter band from branch to branch in the present time, and backwards down the trunk of the tree, and again forward to reinforce the 2-meter transmission. The small amount of time it takes for the second discovery gives some indication of the distance and speed of the communications network.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the World-Wide-Web is certainly one of the destinies of mankind.  As the DNA message is decompressed, evidently we are required to establish a more tangible connection in the present time to facilitate the sharing of information.  Perhaps this is because the meager quantity that each of us can store separately will soon be needed...for another project.


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