Parma, Ohio...bedroom community to thousands of Cleveland workers!

Here's what might be the few...and only...images of my hometown of these 40+ years, Parma, Ohio...on the Web so far.  It's only about 8 miles from downtown, almost due south, but, gee, all the freeways sort of bypass us.  However, as you can see from the pix, the snow manages to get here in great volume, especially this winter (not our far).

But first, to orient you (but since we are considered the West Side, perhaps my motive is to occident you!) informative map of the area:

What's at the heart of Parma?

Gotta be the Parma Theater, in Downtown Parma.  Right at the corner of Snow and Ridge Road (the boulevard of dreams around here).  Has there ever been a more aptly named street anywhere?  Doesn't look this bad in they year 2000 as it did back in 1996 when this picture was taken.  

Of course, Parma would be nothing without its world-famous resident, the Sultan of Consultin' who inhabits the ticky-tacky box below:

Yes, here, under all that snow, is House Wozny, our house, "in the middle of our street", as they say.  And here is that street, the lane that leads right up to the U.S. site of the International Fraternity of People Named Wozny...

Bored yet?  If not, see you on the next page!

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