I *said* we were a town famous for Pierogis, and here it is, the internationally famous (?) Parma Pierogies at Parmatown, the premier shopping center around here!

Unfortunately, despite the fact that not a single intern was touched, Parma Pierogis did not last as long as its most famous customer, President Bill Clinton, who adored these things almost as much as McDonald's cheeseburgers after a quick jog past the photographers.  Sad to say, in 1999, we lost our stronghold of ethnic cuisine around here.  Life will never be the same ;-)

Think Ohio is flat as a pancake?  Hah!  Not So!  To make up for the lack of good freeways that lead to downtown Cleveland, where most of us work, they stuck us up on a hill (Chestnut Hill, to be exact), and gave us a pretty view of the city we can't get to in under an hour (unless you make all the lights!) during rush-hour...

A look down Chestnut Hill and then a shot of the Terminal Tower from a distance.  OK, this was a night shot, originally a video clip, but if you have ever been here, you would recognize the tiny blips in a flash. Much prettier in sight, but if you could (or would) come here, you wouldn't be reading this page with Netscape, would you?

Parma would be nothing without its big buddy Cleveland.  If you are not now totally glad you don't live anywhere near the exciting Mid-west, click here and we will go down memory lane to see Parma years ago.

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