Honor Roll of Contributors

Dr. J. Krygier, geographer, SUNY, Buffalo, NY

Nancy Gates, local journalist, Houtzdale, Pa.

John Bumbarger, Houtzdale, Pa.

Mary Horgas, Morann, Pa.

*Genevieve (Dombrosky) Weiss, Whiteside, Pa.

*Mary (Dombrosky) Paranic, Morann, Pa.

*Frances (Dombrosky) Holowecky, Osceola Mills, Pa.

Mrs. Frank (Martin) Dombroski, Houtzdale, Pa.

*Violet Dombrosky, Whiteside, Pa.

*Ann (Dombrosky) Salapata, Smokerun, Pa.

*Mary (Trojanowski) Zendek, Whiteside, Pa.

*Frank Trojanowski, former CCC forestman, Clintonville, Pa.

John Vingless, Houtzdale, Pa.

*John and Ann (Rogoza) MacEwen, Hicksville, NY

Robert L. Baker, genealogical researcher, State College, Pa.

*Paula (Martin) Huzella, Georgia

*Joe and Dottie Dombrosky, Clifton Park, NY (near Albany)

Mary H. (Berkosky) Gallagher, Trojanowski's former neighbor

in Whiteside, now living in Bryans Road, MD

*Mrs. John (Salapata) Shenosky, East Brunswick, NJ

*Carol (Holowecky) Stewart, New Wilmington, Pa.

Frank and Liz Stumpf, Houtzdale, Pa.

Greg Miller, raised in Houtzdale; Mountain Branch water tower ID-er

Jason Vingless, Houtzdale, Pa.

Jeff Kokoskie, Houtzdale, Pa.

*Mary (Weiss) Fetzer, Houtzdale, Pa.

*Michelle Fenchock-Cosse' (Dembroski), New Orleans, La.

*?Nestor Oszczypko, professor of geology of the Jagiellonian

University, Krakow, Poland (a possible European descendant)

Anton Leskovansky

Above list is approximately in the order of appearance

All my thanks to everyone who E-mailed, Phoned, or Mailed me information

concerning these photos and the Dombrosky, Trojanowski, Rogoza, and LaBash

lines. How could I have known, peering into that biscuit box, how many

descendants, or how widespread they became; or that it would lead to

the story of my Great Aunt Paranka's immigration (in her own words).

Take note, all budding genealogists in the above lines...I have identified

Nestor Oszczypko as a "possible" relative (he was born perhaps 50 miles

from great Aunt Paranka) and I can provide a wealth of information

now on the Wozny line, to round out your tree



* - indicates we are related either directly or through a prior marriage

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