Houtzdale, Pennsylvania - A Time-Voyage

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Who am I? Brian S. Wozny, of Parma, Ohio (near Cleveland)...Why did I post these pictures out on the WEB? I was hoping someone out there can help me identify each person, location and relevant detail so I can complete my family tree!


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Where did these pictures come from? My father had relatives in the area and visited them often in the late 30's...but mysteriously stopped in 1941; the negatives were preserved in an old metal biscuit box (500 envelopes of 8-16 pictures each!), and there are more mysteries there than you would imagine!
Last updated 8/7/97
Now containing photos of my reunion trip to Houtzdale "et environs" 5/31/97 side by side with the old pix!

Family researchers of the Dombrosky (Dombrowsky), Trojanowski (Troyanowski), LaBash, Martin, Oszczypko(Oshipko), Wozny, Rogoza lines, or those merely curious...please check out the story of my Great Aunt Pauline (Paranka) Oszczypko Rogoza. In her own words, she describes her early years in the US, the passage from the Ukraine.

And, for those more deeply involved with the mechanics of genealogy, the final
resting places of my relatives in Brisbin.

Take a time-voyage with me back to a town in Pennsylvania I have yet to see...Houtzdale, in Clearfield county, in the big middle of Pennsylvania, tucked there between DuBois and Altoona. The time would be 1936-1941. Come with me to Hannah Street. If you close on the left side of the picture you can see a clock. This clock stands at the current Houtzdale bank and was restored a number of years ago. The picture was taken sometime after 1937 because the "Alley Popper" tracks are gone; the A-P was the nickname of the railroad that ran thru town. The hardware store that is shown on the right side of the picture is long gone.

(a larger copy of this image is here)

A modern picture of Houtzdale taken 5/31/1997 (sixty years to the day after many of the photos which follow!)

To get to Houtzdale, you would most likely have to drive or take the train:

Drive better than this...

And along the way, you would see towns like Greenville (starting from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, running down 322)

The sign says "Smoke Dry Slitz, Fine Stogies" and the store is the Flowers brothers. I can see this with a magnifying glass! The computer screen doesn't do it justice!

Here's Brookville, Pa, at the crossroads of US 322 and PA 28

Small clusters of homes sprinkled in the picturesque hills along the way. History and recollection and research seems to indicate that my dad took these pictures solely for artistic purposes!

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