Houtzdale, Pennsylvania - A Time-Voyage

The house...my relatives were very proud to be U. S. homeowners, and opened their parlors to many related people, including my father (who took the pictures), the direct blood relation, and my mother (who took my baby/toddler brother along). I personally would not show up until 1949, and that may account for the loss of my connections to the Houtzdale clan (a one-generation gap I intend to bridge one day!)...

...establishing shot, side of house, tracks, and road...evidently, a country sort of place (but this would be country Polish, more pierogi and tinned Polish Ham than fried chicken!)...In fact, the picture above is one of two almost twin houses, company houses, one occupied by the Trojanowski's (my grandmother's sister) and the other by Charlie Sklar. Across the tracks, from the foreground to the horizon, are the Leskovandy, Bezella, Bartosh, and Goodrichs homes and on the right hand side (but not in the picture, that is closer still) the Martins, Zemaks, and Berhoskys houses (apologies in advance for incorrect spelling!)

My Aunt Christine (Xenia) on the back porch.

The house and sheds made nice settings for family portraits like this:

Second cousin Sophie Trojanowski Martin and her new baby Richard Martin (a second entrant in the baby competition along with my brother and his Aunt Stella Wozny Popadak below). That's her brother Frank Trojanowski leaning on the fence and on the left, my great Aunt Christine Trojanowsky...

Aunt Stella and my brother Ronald Wozny walking the rails near the house. The New York Central (where my grandfather Stanley started out as a laborer in the roundhouse in Manchester, NY, in 1910) stopped in Philipsburg but presumably these tracks might have gone the additional five miles or so to the Whiteside/Morann area where these pictures were taken! Might explain how my grandparents met when they married sometime in 1909.

The house where Sophie's husband Steve Martin lived. From her facial features, Sue looked like my Great Aunt Julia Dombrowski's daughter although she was my Great Aunt Christine (Xenia) Trojanowski's daughter. Really, she looked to me like I imagined my grandmother in her youth!

Everybody's car was shined up for the event

Here's the house in modern times...on the way down....

Come along and meet my long-lost relatives, the Dombrowskis. My grandmother, Anna Wozny (nee Oszczypko) had three sisters who came to the US...Christine Trojanowski, Pauline (Paranka/Pearl) Rogoza, and Julia Dombrowski. Christine lived across the tracks from the two houses shown above, which are in Whiteside, down the road from Houtzdale...

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