Houtzdale, Pennsylvania - A Time-Voyage

If you're still with me, a few more pictures of the people involved. These negatives were recovered from an old tin box where my father had preserved them for these sixty-plus years. I have known they were there for decades, but left them untouched, intending to learn enough about home photography to one day blow them up. And along comes the modern PC (Packard Bell Pentium 75), scanner (Logitech ScanMan Color), and video-capture board (Snappy!) to the rescue. It's possible to make credible enlargements of these old negatives via scanner or camcorder suitably hooked in. Problems with sharpness, exposure, dust, and all that are quickly remedied with software such as Photoshop ($15 on CDROM at a computer store near you!). If only the recollections of people could be sharpened as well!

The most delightful discovery in the tin box was the first names (but not the Surnames!) of everybody in the pictures. Thanks to the good people on the honor roll, I now have positive identification that they are from my grandmother's line.

My Grandma Anna Oszczypko Wozny... and Aunt Stella (Popadak)...

My mother (third from left) and Aunt Kate to her left, Grandma Anna Wozny on the right (Great Aunt Julia Dombrowski was her sister)...

My Uncle Joe (third from left) and cousins

Aunt Julia and my brother in his toddling days

Alas, time has claimed the rest of the photos, which are negatives too small to enlarge properly, or in too poor of condition or exposure So, you may safely return to the present day, but check back every few months as I become expert sleuth and genealogist. (Email comments, anecdotes, anything but spam)

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