The Audio Story of Paranka (Pauline) Oszczypko

OK, my dear browsers, through the magic of modern technology and blessings of conventional good fortune, I can present to you some of the story of Pauline's immigration and early life...including important clues concerning our relatives who may still be living in her own words.

To listen to this story, you will need to have a REAL AUDIO plug-in for your browser. This is standard stuff for Netscape 3.0 and MSIE 2.0. Those of you without the REAL AUDIO (version 2.0) player will need to download it from:

In the mean time, you can download these files and store them on your hard drive until that day when you get the player working! If you click on the links below, expect to wait a minute or two for the file to download, and then it should start playing the edited version of her interview. I was quite nicely amazed how much my great aunt's voice and accent matched that of my grandmother (who passed on when I was but 7), which I have not heard for the past 40 years. I can only hope her voice reminds you of her other sisters as well, if you knew them!

Part 1 - Pauline discusses her arrival here in 1913, her six siblings, her sister's husband (my grandfather Stanley Andrew Wozny) and his family, and a rundown on other family members who came to the US.

Part 2 - Pauline describes her arrival at Ellis Island, the horse and wagon ride to Passaic, NJ, and the other details of the trip.

Pauline in 1960, and Pauline and Gregoriu (Tatu) Rogoza, 1957, Hicksville, NY

For now, you will know more about your roots than you may have ever imagined you would. I am presently researching the Wozny family, especially interested in tracking down the two brothers of Stanley Wozny, Frank and Joseph. I am also enlisting some help overseas, as I have found an Oszczypko in Poland who is also on the 'net.

If you are doing a family tree, and your surnames intersect with mine, I would be most happy to share my latest researches with you! Just bookmark this page and Email me by clicking on the mailbox below.

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