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Hi! I'm Todd Hoogerland, and this is my web page. Like all web pages, it is constantly under construction (and always needing updates). It's dedicated to my hobbies, which mostly concentrate on the themes of models/miniatures, toys, and history.

Enjoy your visit!


C&O #1309 and me

No, this isn't one of my hobby projects, unfortunately. This is a Chesapeake and Ohio Class H-6 2-6-6-2 locomotive, number 1309, at the B&O Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. The runty little guy standing in front of it is me! I'm 6'3" (190 cm) tall, so this gives you some idea how big a steam locomotive can be.

I have some pictures of the Amtrak / North Carolina DOT Train The Piedmont, which is run by Amtrak crews, but uses NC-DOT equipment. It should appear here, just as soon as I figure out which roll of film that was and get it printed.

Model Trains

MärklinTM: Fun with converting American HO equipment to AC 3-rail and NEM-style hook-loop couplers! (Really! I'm going to do this one year!)

Wooden Trains

HNRHoogerland National Railways!

Pictures, plans, and instructions for making inexpensive wooden trains that work with the major brands like BRIOTM and Thomas the Tank Engine & FriendsTM

Civil War

The Business End

Todd's Civil War Pages!

Other Hobby stuff:

Ships & Planes, and models thereof (maybe someday...)

Building, painting, and modifying 25mm military and fantasy figures

Spinning Zen Thunder!

This is a 25mm figure of "Zen Thunder!", a character I sometimes play in ChampionsTM, the superhero role-playing game. Zen Thunder! is loosely based on the comic (and animated TV show) character The Tick. Actually, they're not that much alike - I mean, The Tick is: big, not-too-bright, nigh-invulnerable, and has a blue costume (if that IS a costume). Zen Thunder! is: big, not-too-bright, nigh-invulnerable, and has a BLACK costume (if it IS a costume). See? No similarity. Oh yeah, and Zen Thunder! has a cape!

Want to see more Zen Thunder! figures? Click on the image or click here.

Customizing 12" Action Figures. I got into GI Joes again...

New! 1/72 scale Civil War figure conversions

Also to be featured: (sooner or later)

Pictures of my nephew, my cat, other neat things, etc.

Amateur photography showcase (even I take a nice artsy picture every once in a while)

Anime (Japanese Animation)

And a self-study course entitled "How to have too many hobbies without really trying" J

News, Events, Snacks!

Events!Upcoming Hobby Events!


Goodberry's!Goodberry's Flavor-of-the-Day Calendar!

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